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Alfredo Arteaga

NMLS# 488383

“I am SO much happier after joining Good Vibe Squad!”

Like many loan officers, Alfredo Arteaga had a love-hate relationship with realtors… 

He felt incredibly stressed having to rely on real estate agents for business. It wasn’t fair that realtors had so much control over Alfredo’s business (and his future).  

Alfredo needed his own consistent source of pre-qualified mortgage leads. That way, he could generate his own pre-approvals and his own closings, without relying on realtors for business.

And that’s exactly what he got after partnering with Good Vibe Squad! 

Alfredo now has MAJOR leverage over his realtor relationships: Instead of having to ask realtors for business, he’s now able to bring his own deals to the table. This leverage actually gives Alfredo the power to pick & choose which realtors he actually wants to work with!

Alfredo is now in total control of his business AND his future. He’s no longer stressed about his production, no longer having to work overtime. Best of all, he’s spending more quality time with his family.

If you’re a loan officer, you’ve probably dealt with similar frustrations like Alfredo had in the past. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We’re here to help you reach the level of production you KNOW you’re capable of, all without having to sacrifice your personal life or stress over realtor partners.

Are you ready to STOP chasing after real estate agents, and START funding more deals than ever before?

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