Add MILLIONS Of Funded Deals Per Month Consistently Without Relying On Your Realtor Partners Ever Again

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There's No Shortcut To Success, But This Is Damn Close
How To Consistently Get Qualified Homebuyer Appointments That Want To Apply For A Pre-Approval (while you work from home in your underoos)
How Will The FAST TRACK TO MORE LOANS™ System Help You?
Our proven campaigns generate people who WANT to buy (and can afford it) while we filter out the people with lower likelihood of becoming a closed transaction.

We aggregate and use a lot of data which allows us to give you better quality leads than the competition so you don't need to waste your time talking to leads who can't afford.
More leads is cool but you want it to be less work for you too. So our proprietary system automatically books the appointment for you and sends all the necessary follow ups.

We send out automated texts, emails, voicemails and calls to make sure you only work the HOT leads.
Our entire system is designed to get you REAL applications, not just leads. Everything is automated so you can focus on what you do best which is originate loans and get more referral business.

We give you our proven scripts to get the application over the phone and automate communication for borrowers to send you their docs AND automate attraction of realtor partners.

This allows you to spend all of your mental energy on pre-approving borrowers and closing realtor referrals (And makes your life much easier).
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Oh Yeah, People Like to See Social Proof, Here's Actual Results
"I'm blown away... In 5 weeks, I've taken more than 30+ applications and out of those, has funded 7 loans with another 3-4 pre-approved looking for homes!" - Jessica
"We’ve already funded 7 deals in the first 2 months and we’re going to double that funding another 8-10 next month for about $6.4M+ in loan volume." - Brian
Lori Lynn has already closed $3M+ worth of loans in 3 months with another 25+ preapproved buyers currently looking for homes for an additional $6.2M+!
"Quite frankly, if not for your training and the the Good Vibes group, I would have failed. But now I've been able to get deals AND realtor partners!" - Michael Beagan
"You guys have been absolutely AMAZING. I've been able to get real quantifiable results! Real people that are actually qualified with $1M+ in preapprovals in 30 days" - Will
"I'm VERY surprised at how good the lead quality is because I'm talking to real people who are qualified that are scheduling appointments on my calendar!" - Osvaldo
"I've tried Facebook with numerous companies in the past and you are the ONLY one that I've finally been able to close deals from!"
"I've already closed 2 deals worth $800k+ just by showing up on the scheduled appointments in the system" - Jim Arbon
Manny Colorado has been able to focus on just originating loans with $1.5M+ of deals within his first 30 days
Amanda achieved top 10% in Gateway Mortgage nationwide! Has closed 41 loans worth $9.3M so far and hit her biggest month closing 12 more loans for $2.7M!
Richie Peppers landed a huge Realtor partner with 56 realtors in her brokerage! Already have 4 loans in contract with 6 more pre-approvals looking for homes!
"From the first 15 leads, I got a $600k+ deal that I closed within 30 days from receiving that lead. Have another 7-10 pre-approved buyers actively looking for homes!"
Prentiss went from ZERO to adding $4M+ closed loans in 4 months! Adding an average of about $1M+ per month closing 4-6 transactions per month!
“Quality of the leads are great especially people setting their appointments! Already closing 3-4 loans ranging from $250k to $850k in 30 days!”
"Has funded 7 Loans with another 4 people searching for homes and 12 Pre-approvals. Absolutely amazing! Also received 6 referrals back from realtor partner!"
“The follow up is really detailed and you don’t miss any holes!”
“Taken 15 applications with 3-4 loans in a little over a month!”
Justin with 17 applications, 7 prequals with 1 loan in process in 30 days!
"Closed 8 loans for $2.5M+. With another
4-6 Pre-approved buyers looking for homes for an additional $1.5M+ in loans"
“Already closed 1 loan with 5 more pre-approved buyers looking for homes for a total of $1.2M+!”
“I was very skeptical in the beginning… didn’t believe actually. But it was surprising already getting ROI!"
“Literally 5 months of work and I’ve already generated over $100k+ in commissions! With another $30k-$40k+ coming up shortly!” - Chris Diaz
Todd Bruess has already closed $2.5M+ of loans in 2.5 months with another 20+ preapprovals for an additional $5M+ worth of loans!
We Keep It Exclusive
We Only Work With A Limited Amount Of Loan Officer/Branch Per State (With Few Exceptions). That Means We Get To Pour Our Heart Into Your Campaigns and Give You Our All For Your Area.

We Want Each of Our Clients To Crush It. (Book Your Call To Make Sure You Secure Your State).

A Business Built On Data
While Everyone Else is Fighting Over Ad Space On Facebook™ and Other Platforms (And Worrying About What Will Happen When the Targeting Options Go Away Soon), We Have Been Building Our Business Around Real Data. That Means We Know Who Is More Likely, Wanting And Willing To Buy A Home. That Makes a Big Difference. Our Data Allows Us To Rise Above the Noise and Generate Real Results That Increase Your Revenue.
Unfortunately No One Can Be Told How We Can Help Them, You Have To See It For Yourself:
This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back.

You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and keep doing the same "grind" you always have and hope it gets better.

You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how many more clients you can have.

Remember: all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.
So...what if you had a system that predictably produced your desired amount of new 1003 applications you want every single month?
And what if that system automatically worked in the background, passively, while you focused on originating loans for your clients?

What if you had a reliable marketing department at a fraction of the cost that...

→ Generates high quality homebuyer leads that are both credit and income qualified (That actually want to talk to you and not a realtor)

→ Manages all the booking of appointments and follows up with all the leads (So you don't need to chase leads, the leads chases you)

→ Accurately tracks each and every stage of every lead in the process so you don't have to guess (Instantly see all communication and progress of every lead in your pipeline)

→ Efficiently trains you and your team on how to manage the inbound flow of new homebuyer leads that book appointments (Turning you and your team into 1003 application generating machines...even if you’ve never had experience calling leads)

→ Produces measurable results over the long-term and continually focuses on long-term solutions (Creating strong foundations and duplicatable processes you can use to sustain growth or expand by hiring new LOs)

You no longer have to rely on your realtor partners to hand feed you business..

On the contrary, they rely on YOU as you hand feed them pre-approved home buyers...

This is exactly what we do for our clients.

And for a limited time, we're opening up our services to select loan officers all over the United States

To apply, click here and fill out your name and email.

Then select the best time for you on the next page to book your complimentary marketing breakthrough session with our team.

So let me tell you just how confident we are that we can help you get where you want to go in the next 30 days…

I promise you, the value that receive from this call will be enough to pay for your time 100x over if you implement the strategy we design for you (even if we don't accept you as a client...seriously we turn away 70% of applicants)

THAT'S how confident we are that you'll be blown away by this service.

Now click the button below and opt-in to get the process started now. This could be the most life-changing 3 minutes you invest all year, so make sure to fill up the application seriously - (we'll cancel your booked session if you don't either way)
Stop relying on realtors for your business...
If you want to start generating deals to acquire more realtor relationships... then click the button below and let's get started.
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