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Mortgage Marketing System

Will Help You Add Millions in Funded Loans Without Relying on Realtor Partners

Our Guaranteed Mortgage Lead Generation Process Has Helped Fund Over $1Billion in Loans

Use the exact same system created by a 7-Figure marketing agency who helped hundreds of loan officers fund over a billion dollars in deals.

Book your free guaranteed ROI growth strategy call to get your custom action plan for more loans and deals without relying on realtor partners!

The Unfair Advantage™ System

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Mortgage Loans Help Funded

A Mortgage Marketing Company That Delivers Results!

After directly impacting hundreds of loan officers collectively fund over a $1 Billion+ in deals, we know what works and what doesn’t work. So we’re passing those benefits to you!
We are SO CONFIDENT that you will Add Millions of Funded Deals in your production without relying on realtor partners that we will Guarantee ACTUAL Return On Your Investment!

Don’t Just Take It From Us. Hear It From Over 100+ Success Stories​

Brian | NMLS# 795012

"We generated $75 Million in Business with 85% of that coming directly off of the Good Vibe Squad System"

Amanda | NMLS#351348

"I've literally doubled my production from 61 units for $14M+ to 120 units for $28M+"

Scott | NMLS#838278

"Funded 7 Loans with another 4 people searching for homes and 12 pre-approvals. Absolutely amazing! Also received 6 referrals from realtor partners!"

Arturo | NMLS#68170

"Our team has been impressed and happy to finally have a marketing company that works"

Michael | NMLS#203228

"No other marketing company has come close to the level of service and training you guys provide. I love it!"

Chris | NMLS#378338

"I've already made over $200,000+ in commissions so I'm happy"

Erin | NMLS#831262

"The system works. It's already paid for itself ten fold over and over again"

Jon | NMLS#473224

"Good Vibe Squad is the real deal. We've added 15+ pre-approvals and 3 new realtor partners"

Jim | NMLS#27461

"Time is money. With Good Vibe Squad, I can focus my energy on other things that I need to do. Save time, save money."

Mike | NMLS#980052

"We're looking at in a 60 day period, easily 9 applications and well over a million dollars in generated business. From there it just grows exponentially."

David | NMLS#1589123

"It will blow you away. This is not smoke and mirrors. This is the real deal and this is what helps you grow your business."

Alfredo | NMLS#488383

"Just from my 1st month alone, $1.2M in the pipeline and that alone is going to pay the entire year with Good Vibe Squad."

Ronnie | NMLS#85298

"What the Good Vibe Squad has created is a tremendous system that not only helps bring leads in but also manages them over a long period of time."

Todd | NMLS#409816

"The results are there, the follow-up is there and the partnership is there. Don't waste your time with anything else, just get involved. It works."

Lori | NMLS#69350

"Closed $3M+ loans with another 25+ pre-approved buyers currently looking for homes for another $6.2M+"

Jeff | NMLS#88987

"For marketing for less than 30 days, 3-4 loans are really good to have. That's what we're really so happy with."

Will | NMLS#1670194

"The difference has been night and day. I never had a problem paying for a quality system that works and delivers."

Craig | NMLS#196059

"You guys are legit. Good Vibe Squad delivers."


Results based on real life applications. Being a serial entrepreneur, #1 Amazon best selling author, speaker who is in love with everything marketing, going through doing all of the Marketing for my insurance brokerage, I found that I not only loved doing it – I am great at it.

We started taking on clients until it became a pretty big thing and took on a life of it’s own. We were doing a lot of lead generation for our referral partners, and they kept asking for more. So we created Good Vibe Squad with the intention of making a positive impact on every business that we work with. I also like to have fun in the process, so I’m grateful to love what I do.


After working in the tech industry for several years building systems and applications, I found out the hard way that no matter how good your product is, if nobody has heard of it then it doesn’t help anyone. It then opened up the world of marketing. 

At first it was mainly to market my own business, but eventually I started helping my friends who owned businesses as well as training other people in the industry, which led to us creating Good Vibe Squad. My personal mantra is nothing else matters except delivering results to our clients.

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Book your free guaranteed ROI growth strategy call to get your custom action plan for more leads and deals immediately! It’s the most valuable 10 minutes you’ll spend on your business this year.

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