Realtor Referral Program

How To Lock Down A Consistent Stream Of Referral Business

When it comes to growing their referral partnerships, many loan officers find themselves at a crossroads. On one hand, you do in fact need realtor partners to grow your production. But on the other hand, if you’re relying too heavily on realtors for referrals, that can leave you at a major disadvantage. Having your livelihood completely dependent on realtor referrals is incredibly stressful.

Another problem here is that finding new realtor partners is ridiculously time-consuming. It’s a slow grind that can take several months or even years before you start to gain momentum.

You can try all the traditional methods of networking with realtors, going on coffee dates, hosting Lunch N’ Learns, or stopping by open houses. Those strategies can definitely work in SOME cases, but those old-school tactics require a LOT of time and effort, and they’re not guaranteed to pay off in terms of actual funded loans and profits. 

Not to mention, everything’s online nowadays. Marketing has almost completely shifted away from face-to-face handshakes and strictly toward virtual meetings and social media. Trying to connect with realtors in person just doesn’t make sense the way it used to…

So what do you do if you’re a mortgage professional who wants to solidify new relationships with realtor partners?

Here at Good Vibe Squad, we have a proven process that helps our clients grow their referral network, connect with trustworthy realtor partners, WITHOUT having to waste their time relying on realtors for business.

Whether or not you decide to partner with us is up to you. But since you’re reading this, we want to share our findings on how you can grow your referral network the RIGHT way. Even if you don’t use our service in your business, this page will offer loads of valuable insights to help you solidify better relationships with real estate agents.

Awesome, let’s dive in!

Realtor Referral Marketing: How To Get Started

The First Steps To Solidifying Strong Relationships With Realtors

At this point, you may have guessed it, but now we’re going to talk about leads. 

You’ve probably tried all types of mortgage leads, and we all know how frustrating it can be going after cold leads, shared trigger leads, or spending hours and hours generating leads on your own time.

We know how stressful chasing after leads can be. But the reality is, in order to gain a realtor’s trust, it’s important that you have your own happy clients in the pipeline. That means you pretty much have to start by going after your own leads first. Then as you help your borrowers, build up a happy client base, that gives you the leverage you need to gain the trust of your realtor partners.

The fastest, most effective way to connect with great realtor partners is to have your own arsenal of happy clients. This means going after mortgage leads and generating your own pre approvals. As you help your borrowers get closer to owning a home, this establishes your expertise as a mortgage professional, giving you leverage when searching for great realtors who you’d like to partner with.

But let’s back up a bit and talk about the different types of mortgage leads: referral leads VS internet leads.

If you’ve worked with both kinds of leads in the past, you probably know that closing referral leads is a thousand times easier. They’re farther along in the home buying process, they’re already working with a realtor who they trust, and that built-in trust equity has been transferred over to you.

On the other hand, internet leads are AWFUL, right? Well, not necessarily. The downside to internet leads is that they’re generally “colder,” they don’t know or trust you yet, they’re probably getting tons of solicitations from different lenders, and they’re just getting started in the home buying process, so they have a lot to learn before they can get pre-approved.

But here’s the upside to internet leads: If you can cut through all the noise and get in front of those people early on, that means you can gain their trust and help them out before anyone else (realtor or lender) gets to them.

(Later on in this page, we’ll discuss a proven marketing strategy that you can use to “cut through the noise” and stand out from competitors who are going after the same leads.)

Internet leads are early on in the process, which is both a bad thing AND a good thing. The bad part is that they’re “colder,” but the opportunity here is that you can get in front of them before anyone else. And yes, it will take extra work to “warm” them up and eventually get them pre-approved, but then you have a pre-approved mortgage lead who needs a realtor!

That’s exactly what you get when you opt for this “leads-first” strategy!

And the great thing about partnering with Good Vibe Squad is that we generate pre-qualified, exclusive mortgage leads 100% done FOR you. (To learn more about our mortgage lead generation process, click here.)

That way, you don’t have to waste time cold calling, chasing after shared leads, running your own ads, or trying out countless different marketing strategies to generate leads.

And yes, we do know that most mortgage lead generators fall short. But unlike other lead generators, Good Vibe Squad spends over $2 Million Dollars annually in advertising alone, and that ad spend gives us all the data we need to target your IDEAL clients (while filtering out the bad leads that just waste your time). Our lead gen process is SO proven that we have literally helped our clients close Billions of Dollars in funded loans directly from our marketing.

So if you do choose to partner with Good Vibe Squad, you can have peace of mind knowing that the lead quality is there. Now, if you decide to opt for other mortgage lead generators instead, that’s completely fine. It will probably take more time and effort on your part to start generating pre-approvals from those leads, but that’s okay.

Regardless of who you choose as your lead source, we suggest going after internet leads who have just started the homebuying process. Get in front of those leads, build a relationship with them, guide them through the process to get them pre-approved, and then take those pre-approvals to a prospective realtor partner.

Realtor Partner Attraction Campaigns

The Fastest Way To Gain More Realtor Partners

When you partner with Good Vibe Squad, our proven mortgage lead generation and sales process helps you generate your own pre-approved borrowers, so you can use those pre-approvals as leverage to gain more realtor partners.

That piece alone has been an ENORMOUS value add for our clients. 

But we wanted to take it a step farther and help you create more referral relationships (with trustworthy, loyal realtors) as quickly and efficiently as possible. To accomplish this, we built out our done-for-you Realtor Partner Attraction Campaigns.

Similar to the homebuyer and refinance campaigns that automatically send out texts, emails, and voicemail drops to your prospective clients, these Realtor Partner Attraction Campaigns automatically follow up with your prospective realtor partners on your behalf!

The automated follow-ups save you hours of time. These campaigns help you quickly catch their attention and build new relationships with real estate agents.

But even better, having all your prospective realtor partners AND your active realtor partners organized into one easy-to-use pipeline allows you to quickly keep track of your referral network. Instead of having to waste brain space, making countless mental notes of who’s who, you just have it all right there recorded in your pipeline!

Another awesome feature here is automatically tracking how many deals each realtor sends your way! So if one of your referral partners isn’t fulfilling their end of the deal, you can quickly identify that issue before it becomes a problem.


This is all new to me. I'm not 100% confident in trying out this strategy.

Now this may sound great and all, but what if it’s all new to you? What if you’re not 100% confident trying out this new strategy? If that’s the case, WE GOT YOU.

We will walk you through this process, coach you on what to say and how to say it, so you can build long lasting relationships with realtors you actually enjoy working with.

With our results-driven lead gen, Realtor Partner Attraction Campaigns, and high-performance coaching & support, it all comes together to give YOU the power to pick & choose your favorite realtor partners, without feeling pushed around by agents that take you for granted.

Your Unfair Advantage Offer

How To Stand Out From The Competition (And Get Borrowers And Realtors To Take Notice!)

Earlier on in this page, we discussed one of the upsides to internet leads, which is that if you’re able to “cut through all the noise” and get their attention, then you can eventually get them to a pre-approval, and then use that pre-approval as leverage to gain the trust of prospective realtor partners!

But HOW do you “cut through all the noise” when internet leads are shopping around and getting solicitations from other lenders? 

The answer: Leverage a unique value proposition that we call an “Unfair Advantage Offer.” Let’s break down what we mean by this:

Unfortunately, loan officers are often being commoditized, rate-shopped, and taken for granted. It’s a losing game, when borrowers or realtors are comparing you to other lenders, because there will almost always be someone who has a lower rate or some attractive incentive (though they may not have the level of care or expertise to back up their claims).

To avoid being taken for granted, you want to position yourself in a way that makes it impossible for others to compare you to the competition. You need a unique value add that puts you in a whole different category than the rest. You need an Unfair Advantage Offer.

An Unfair Advantage Offer is a special value proposition that is:


No one else can offer this


People feel stupid saying no to it

Zero Risk

There is no downside to your borrower (or realtor)

This unique value proposition works as a disruptor that makes you stand out from the competition and makes it impossible for prospects to compare you to other lenders.

Another great thing about this Unfair Advantage Offer is that you can use it as leverage when gaining new realtor partners. It gives you the power to go up to a prospective realtor partner and say, “Hey I have this unique value proposition that sets me apart from other lenders. This is why I’m able to generate my own pre-approved buyers, and how I’ve been able to help so many borrowers get pre-approved.”

It’s a win-win situation that helps you stand out from the crowd and force prospects and realtors to notice you! But the problem is that creating an Unfair Advantage Offer all on your own is a LOT of work…

The good news is that when you partner with Good Vibe Squad, we literally hand you an Unfair Advantage Offer for you to use in your business.

We also integrate this Unfair Advantage Offer into your customized marketing campaigns 100% done FOR you, without you having to do all that marketing grunt work on your own.

If you want to learn more about how this Unfair Advantage Offer would work in your business, click the link below to schedule a free call!

How Good Vibe Squad Can Help You Grow Your Referrals

The Proven Ways To Turbocharge Your Referrals In A Fraction Of The Time

So far, we’ve shared some valuable insights to help you grow your referral network. And yes, you can definitely try implementing all these strategies on your own. However, we know that doing all that work on your own is going to be incredibly time-consuming and difficult. 

That’s why we strongly recommend at least booking a free call with us and learning more about how we can help you. Keep in mind that when you hop on a call with us, no one on our team is going to try to pressure you into a sale – that’s just not how we roll. We just want to have a real conversation with you about how you can grow your mortgage production while having more free time and less stress. From there, we can start to explore if our partnership would be a good fit.

But the bottom line is that we’ve helped 1000+ of loan officers over the years. Not only are our clients funding more loans straight from our system, they’re also raking in more referrals than ever before and growing their business exponentially. All without having to work overtime, stress over leads, rely on realtors for business, or miss out on precious time spent with their family.

Our mortgage growth process has proven time and again to help loan officers transform their businesses (and their lives) for the better.

So if you’re seriously looking to grow your referral network and skyrocket your loan production, here are some reasons why you should at the very least consider booking a call with us:

The #1 Best Quality Mortgage Leads

What makes our leads better than the rest? It starts with our ads backed by $2M+ in annual data. Plus our time-tested targeting, pre-qualification, and sales funnels that are going to deliver the best quality mortgage leads directly to your pipeline. 

Done-For-You Marketing

From customized landing pages to build your authority as a mortgage professional, to trust-building educational assets to help leads along the homebuying or refinance process, plus dozens of guides, videos, PDFs, and resources to boost your personal brand without you having to do all that marketing grunt work on your own. 

Automated Nurture & Sales Process

High-quality leads are just the beginning. We also push them through our automated CRM to capture (and retain) your leads’ attention, remove distractions, streamline the mortgage sales process, nurture your relationships with leads, and help you convert leads into funded loans faster than ever!

Realtor Partner Attraction Campaigns

Think of prospective realtors as if they were mortgage leads. Similar to our mortgage sales process, we also have automations in place to help you gain new realtor partners! These campaigns reach out to realtors on your behalf, keep their attention, help you convert prospective partners into active referral relationships, all while saving you hours of time!

Realtor Referral Tracking

As part of our Realtor Partner Attraction Campaigns, we also automatically track how many deals each realtor sends your way. That way, you don’t have to waste time or brain space trying to track which client is coming from which realtor. 

Unfair Advantage Offer

Imagine never being rate-shopped or taken for granted ever again. That’s the beauty of having an Unfair Advantage Offer as part of your marketing. It makes it impossible for people to compare you to the competition. When you partner with Good Vibe Squad, we hand you this Unfair Advantage Offer to use in your business.  

Marketing Expertise

There’s not enough time in the day to be both a mortgage expert AND a marketing expert. But when you partner with Good Vibe Squad, we take all the marketing and lead gen headaches off your plate, so you can focus solely on the revenue-generating activities in your business (IE building relationships & originating loans).

Long story short: You do the mortgages. We do the marketing.

High-Converting Automations

There are SO MANY tedious tasks that go into taking a mortgage lead, keeping their attention, preserving that relationship, getting them pre-approved, and moving them along all the way toward closing. To speed up your conversions, we’ve created a proven, automated sales process that gives you all the tools you need to fund more loans while ALSO freeing up more time for what matters most. 

World-Class Coaching & Support

At the end of the day, we’re all human. It takes multiple teams of highly trained and awesome people working together to give you the level of support & coaching that you deserve. When you partner with Good Vibe Squad, you get a full Member Success Team of real-life people who have your back whenever you need support. Plus our Mastermind Community with weekly coaching calls to keep your eyes on the prize. 

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