Frequently Asked Questions

How are you guys different from other lead companies?

Great question! We’re actually NOT a lead company, “lead generation” is just one of the integral parts of what we do. We are a Done-For-You Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) service and take over all your marketing for you so you can focus on what you do best which is originate business.

We have proven processes to generating qualified leads, integrating them to our Hybrid Automation system to automate your sales process while cultivating those leads to a booked appointment and eventually to an application and pre-approved buyer. We also have a complete course on sales training, systems training, phone scripts with *actual* sales call recordings, and high-performance consulting in our mastermind group. If you’re truly serious about growing your business (and not just buying leads) then you’re in the right place!

How are you able to provide such massive results?
It’s a combination of attracting your ideal customer, pushing them through a systemized sales process (to save you time), and increasing the lifetime value of your clients by getting more referrals, getting more referral partners (that actually send you business), and building your personal brand for long term growth.
What is the 3 Phase AAA Formula? How is this relevant to me?

The 3 Phase AAA Formula is the framework that we’ve used to help over 100+ loan officers fund over a Billion dollars in deals so it really works! It’s a combination of 3 phases that ultimately allows you to have a consistent inflow of qualified leads, going through a systematic sales process so you can save time and focus on only the qualified prospects and getting more referrals from clients and also referrals from realtor referral partners.

Ultimately, this framework will allow you to automate repeatable tasks, eliminate unimportant ones and delegate important ones so you can truly have a long-term sustainable business.

Is this a DIY course? Do I need to implement this myself?

No! This is not a Do-It-Yourself course that you need to learn and implement yourself.

We are a complete Done-For-You Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) service so we do everything for you including setting up the hybrid automation systems, advertising, generating qualified leads, personal high-performance coaching, and access to our mastermind community.

Granted we do have a course included with the program where we’ll teach you the exact step-by-step process on how to replicate all our success stories. This includes the exact scripts, templates, and even actual live recordings of sales calls on taking a new lead to an application and to a pre-approved buyer.

Are your testimonials hired actors? Did you pay them?
This is pretty funny but we have clients who have actually asked this question! And no. They are not actors and no we did not pay them for their testimonials! They are awesome loan officers such as yourself who are happy to share their experience working with us! You can even search their NMLS numbers through the NMLS consumer access website.
How much is your service? What is your pricing?
The pricing depends on the level of service that you need. Because our service is so customized and tailored specifically for your situation, the pricing can change depending on if you are a solo producer or a branch manager looking to hire us for your team, or if you’re looking to implement this in one area or multiple states. We can discuss this more in detail on your call.
Did you actually help fund over $1 Billion Dollars in deals?

Yes, we did! Well, technically our clients did through our system! This is a testament to how effective our system is and how, if you follow our step-by-step process, you can replicate the same success.

The $1 Billion dollar funded deals is a combination of loan volume that our clients have funded directly off of our Good Vibe Squad system where they closed and funded the leads that we generated for them and in combination with the referrals from those leads and referrals that they have funded from Realtor referral partners that they also acquired through our system.

How are you tracking the referrals that Realtor Partners send LOs?
Our all-in-one Hybrid Automation system automatically does the tracking! Our Loan Officer clients are able to track all their referral business through our system to make sure your referral partners are sending you business. Our system also automatically does all the follow-ups to all your referral leads and communicates with your referral partners to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.
Do you actually spend $1 Million+ annually in Advertising?
Yes, we do. This is one of the reasons we’re able to generate qualified leads is because we have aggregated so much data on your ideal clients. I won’t get too “techno-babbly” on it but basically because we have spent so much money on advertising, our advertising accounts have so much data (or as you might have heard the phrase “seasoned our pixel”) to the point that we’re able to really target, hone in and attract your ideal clients. More particularly those who are your qualified prospects.
Can I talk to McBilly and Preston personally?
Yes, you absolutely can! We have multiple Live Zoom video calls in our exclusive mastermind Facebook Group where we encourage you to hop on every week to make sure we’re able to really execute on achieving your goals month in and month out! Not only that, but we have a 15 person team in our company to make sure that you’re able to actually hop on a call and help you with any concern!
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