Mortgage Sales Training

Expert Closing Secrets That Might Surprise You

There are a select few people out there who are natural-born salespeople. They have this charisma about them that makes it easy to sell anything from vacuums to insurance. For the majority of us, seeing these salespeople in their element can be intimidating… and even discouraging.

But after working side-by-side with 1000+ of loan officers over the years, researching and learning exactly what separates average originators from the top producers, we’ve found that you don’t need jedi-sales skills to reach exponential growth in terms of loan volume.

Increasing your lead-to-client conversions doesn’t require years of practice, exceptional people skills, or a natural-born talent for sales. 

In fact, there are small changes that you can start making right now in your business that will have massive impacts on your conversions and growth.

At the end of the day, mastering your sales process isn’t about being the most charismatic person in the room. It’s about maximizing every last opportunity, playing the “numbers game” to your greatest advantage, and knowing how to gain your borrowers’ trust.

The bulk of it boils down to playing the “numbers game” to your advantage, but also making sure you’re not treating your leads like numbers (which is a mistake that most of your competitors are making right now). 

When you partner with Good Vibe Squad, you get high-converting mortgage leads delivered straight to your pipeline, all-inclusive automations that take care of all the tedious follow-ups for you, plus ongoing coaching and support to ensure you’re constantly growing and maintaining a winning mindset. All those resources come together to help you strike that perfect balance of playing the numbers game while ALSO forging personal connections with leads that last a lifetime.

Whether or not you decide to partner with Good Vibe Squad, we still want to provide as much value to you as possible in helping you grow your business. In fact, providing value to as many people as possible is actually one of the proven sales strategies that you should be using in your business (more on this later).

Throughout this page, we’ll break down some of the proven strategies that top producers use to connect with more borrowers and convert more leads into clients.

To get started, let’s uncover the low-hanging fruit that most loan officers overlook:

The Mortgage Sales Numbers Game

Why Persistence ALWAYS Beats People Skills 

The first thing you need to know about increasing your sales conversions has nothing to do with WHAT you should say to your prospects to get their attention. 

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a mortgage advisor who knows your loan products, you know how to help people get into a home, and you genuinely care about providing value to your clients. That alone will get you far. 

But we’ve seen firsthand that increasing your closing ratio actually has far less to do with sales skills or charisma, and much more to do with just putting in a little more effort than your competitors.

You’d be surprised by the amount of mortgage professionals who are missing out on massive amounts of opportunities… all because they fail to understand that sales is a numbers game.

Let’s break down some statistics to explain what we mean. (The following stats are from the Harvard Business Review.)

of sales people NEVER follow up with a prospect
0 %


of sales people make a 2nd contact attempt
0 %


of sales people make a 3rd contact attempt
0 %


of sales people make more than 3 contact attempts
0 %

This shows a massive disconnect between what average sales people are doing, versus what the successful people are doing to maximize their opportunities. Because while most sales people barely reach out to their prospects at all, it actually takes SEVERAL contact attempts to get someone’s attention and give yourself a fighting chance at converting them into an actual client. 

Here are some stats that show what we mean by this:

of sales are initiated on the 1st contact attempt
0 %

(Yet 48% of sales people don’t even bother to make this 1st contact attempt.)

of sales are initiated on the 2nd contact attempt
0 %

(Yet 75% of sales people don’t even make it this far.)

of sales are initiated on the 3rd contact attempt
0 %

(Yet 88% of sales people don’t even make it this far.)

of sales are initiated on the 4th contact attempt
0 %

(Yet 90% of sales people don’t even make it this far.)

of sales are initiated on the 5th-12th contact attempt
0 %

THIS is your opportunity to outshine your competitors!!!

It can take OVER 5-12 outreach attempts to finally capture your lead’s attention and seize your chance at converting them into a borrower. But despite this fact, most of your competitors are NOT putting in the effort it takes to capture their leads’ attention!

This poses a massive opportunity for YOU as a mortgage professional. Simply by being more persistent, and increasing your outreach attempts, that small change alone will give you an advantage over competitors and increase your conversion rate!

But what if I'm bothering them? I don't want to come off as too pushy...

This is a great point. You definitely don’t want to be calling, texting, and emailing the same lead 10 times a day because that can definitely come off as too pushy. That’s why we recommend calling new leads once a day by phone, and then following up with a text and email if they don’t answer. 


The trick here is being persistent and staying on top of your follow-ups over a longer period of time (a few days or weeks or even months if necessary) – NOT just calling them multiple times in a 2-day period expecting them to pick up ASAP. 


But staying on top of your longer-term prospecting can be difficult to do on your own, which is why our automated CRM does the bulk of the follow-ups for you, so you can preserve that relationship with the lead without having to constantly keep track of them on your own time. 

However, if you’re still worried that you’re bothering your leads with these daily follow-ups, we want to challenge you for a second here:

There’s a good reason why we advise our clients to be SO persistent with their follow-ups…

Because the bottom line is that if YOU don’t get your lead’s attention, someone else will. Think about that other loan officer who just might beat you to the punch. They could be a predatory lender who doesn’t have your client’s best interest at heart. They hook people in with low, low rates, then secretly jack up the hidden fees to take advantage of their borrowers.

So if you’re a loan officer who genuinely cares about helping your clients, then you have a personal responsibility to try to get to them before another lender does. If that means being extra persistent with the follow-ups, then so be it. At least you tried your best to help them and prevent them from being taken advantage of. 

But I'm already SO busy, how can I find time to make 5-12 contact attempts for each lead?

This is why having automated follow-ups in place is so crucial. When you partner with Good Vibe Squad, our team custom-builds your automated CRM, which streamlines the entire lead-to-client journey and makes your prospecting exponentially faster and more efficient.


What’s really cool about our automations is that they take all the TEDIOUS follow-ups off your plate to capture and retain the lead’s attention. But then once you have their attention and get them on the phone, that allows YOU to step in and use your mortgage expertise and customer care to create a person-to-person connection with them.


Basically, our automated campaigns take care of the non-licensed activities for you. This frees up more time and energy so you can really hone in on the licensed activities like taking applications and consulting with your borrowers.


So yes, having automations to keep up with all the contact attempts is an amazing time-saver. However, you don’t want to rely solely on automations to follow up with leads. Think of your automations as supplemental outreach that can work for you while you’re away from your desk. But no amount of automations can replace a mortgage license or a personal connection. That’s why it’s on you to manually step in, show up for your clients and help them get a great deal on their home loan.

When are the best times to reach out to leads?

Part of the reason why sales is a numbers game is because your leads have hectic lives and irregular schedules. You want grab their attention at the right moment when it’s convenient for them. To increase your chances of reaching your leads at the right time, you do NOT want to do your prospecting during the exact same time window every day. It’s best to vary up your time windows here, giving you the best chance to connect with your leads when they’re available.


And this goes without saying, but if you ARE able to get some prospecting done during the weekends, go for it! Just make sure you schedule some much-needed “me time” for yourself as well – because you deserve it. 

Understanding Your Competitor's Mindset

What You Need To Know About The Average Producer – And WHY You Already Have What It Takes To Beat Them

In the last section, we said that sales is a numbers game. And yes that is true – but there’s a HUGE caveat to that. You need to play the numbers game when it comes to connecting with your leads and getting their attention. But once you have their attention, it is absolutely CRUCIAL that you do NOT treat your leads like numbers. These are real human beings that need YOUR help with the biggest transaction of their life. 

Your competitors know that sales is a numbers game, but they make the mistake of taking that mindset too far and treating their borrowers like numbers. 

To explain what we mean by that: There are two things you need to know about the AVERAGE producer. 

And by “average” we mean someone who’s just going through the motions. They’re not really showing up for their leads to actually help them. They’re just showing up to make money (and you can smell the commission breath through the phone).

Number 1: The average loan officer will hop on a call with a lead and immediately try to disqualify them.

They’re looking for any reason why this lead is less than squeaky clean, be it credit score, job history, income, etc. And they start off the calls by interrogating the borrower instead of actually trying to help them. 

It’s incredibly rude and in our opinion, downright wrong. Yes, sales is a numbers game, and you have to play that numbers game to your advantage just to get people on the phone. But once a lead shows up for you to have a heart-to-heart conversation, that’s your chance to genuinely help them and treat them like a real human being, regardless of commission.

Number 2: Average loan officers use their application link as a prospecting tool instead of a fulfillment tool. Meaning, they just send out their application link willy nilly to anyone and everyone, hoping leads will just fill out the apps on their own, without the loan officer having to do any work whatsoever in getting that information. These average producers don’t take the time to build rapport or actually consult with their clients. They’re just going for the low hanging fruit. 

And sure, going after the low hanging fruit is easy, but that’s where the bugs are. If you’re willing to do a little bit of work to build rapport, connect with borrowers on a personal level and show that you care about helping them, then you’re going to get more of the high hanging fruit and you’re going to get better results. 

Mastermind Coaching Community

Insider tips from 1,000+ Loan Officers We’ve Worked with. Weekly live training calls designed to increase your success.

When you partner with Good Vibe Squad, you get access to our Mastermind Coaching Community, which is something that you definitely don’t want to take for granted. Because at the end of the day, you could have the very best tool in the world. But if you don’t have the mindset and the coaching you need to use that tool to your greatest advantage, then you’re bound to miss out on some amazing results. We don’t just want to give you the service and send you on your merry way. We want you to have all the training, coaching, and encouragement you need to prepare you for whatever the future throws your way. Because let’s be honest, you WILL have days where you feel frustrated or challenged. Doesn’t matter how successful you are, everyone has those days. When you have questions, want to grow your skillset or your mindset, that’s when you need coaching and motivation to help you push yourself through to the next level. That’s the human piece that no amount of marketing or software can solve.

That’s why we hold multiple live coaching calls every week. Plus we have an incredible mastermind community of like-minded loan officers with similar values. These people are positive, growth-oriented, funny, and always helping one another and celebrating each other’s wins.

So what does this all look like?

We have a private mastermind community Facebook group where people can chat, share ideas, ask questions, and get insider tips and tricks for handling any and all situations that could come up.

We also have multiple coaching calls each week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. When it comes time for a call, our Member Success Team will drop the zoom link in the Facebook group, all you have to do is click on the link and hop on! These weekly coaching calls cover everything from leveling up your sales strategies, how to get the best results out of the service, navigating changes in the market, personal branding, training and hiring new team members, and more. Not only are these calls highly informative, they’re also extremely motivational to help you get fired up for an awesome and productive week.

Complete Sales & Nurture Training

Sales mastery expertise to help you close more deals and build fruitful relationships with clients that will last a lifetime.

From our done-for-you marketing, to our lead-to-client journey automation, and all the other features in our service, everything is designed to be highly intentional in helping you connect with more people who need your help buying or refinancing a home.

But even given all those features, we still want to continue stacking all the odds in your favor, giving you the best chance possible to build strong relationships with your clients, stand out amongst your competitors, and close more deals than ever.

That means training you on the tested and proven sales strategies that top producing loan officers use to grow their deals exponentially. 

Just like with all the other features in our service, we were highly intentional in building out this sales mastery training. We’ve consulted with 1000+ of loan officers over the years. Listened to hundreds of sales calls, pinpointing exactly what works (and what doesn’t work). 

As a mortgage professional, you probably already have strong interpersonal and sales skills. But even the best salesperson in the world can always improve and continue to master their interactions with clients. 

And keep in mind, this training is not just for general sales mastery. We also provide sales training that’s specific to our service, so you can leverage our done-for-you marketing assets to your greatest advantage. It’s important that you understand what your prospects see at every step leading up to the booked appointment; this ensures that your own messaging is consistent with our front-end marketing. 

So what does this training look like? 

When you first onboard with us, you’ll get access to our “Sales Savagery + Dominance” training videos that break down all the strategies and tactics you need to know when you start using our service. 

But training for us is not a “one and done” process. We’re all about constant, never ending  learning and growth. That means continuing to train and coach you down the road so you never stop leveling up your sales expertise. 

In addition to videos, we also have exact scripts, frameworks, and guides helping you to fine-tune your phone skills.

Proven Phone Scripting Guides

Prove scripts, frameworks, templates to help you fine-tune your sales skills, build rapport, and take more applications.

 Training and coaching is a BIG DEAL for us. As part of our training, we have sales mastery videos, weekly live coaching, and sales call recordings to help you master your interactions with clients. In addition to all those training resources, we also give you the exact scripts, frameworks, and templates to help you crush your communications with clients! 

 These scripts and frameworks tell you exactly WHAT to say, HOW to say it, and WHEN to say it when taking applications over the phone. They’ll also dive into the WHY behind it all to make sure everything makes complete sense without question. 

 We were highly intentional in creating these scripts and phone frameworks. After working with 1000+ of mortgage pros over the years and listening to hundreds of sales calls, we noticed a lot of mistakes that certain loan officers were making that scared prospects away. 

 For example, some loan officers would just go straight into the application, asking a slew of personal questions about credit score, income, and debt too early in the conversation. That’s just one example, but there are countless other mistakes that loan officers make all the time that cause them to miss out on potential deals. 

When creating these scripts, we made sure to help you avoid those common mistakes, and steer you toward the tested and proven verbiage used by top producers, along with simple questions you can ask that will help you quickly build rapport with prospects and gain their trust. 

In addition to giving you scripts and frameworks for YOUR sales calls, we ALSO have scripts specifically designed for your Loan Officer Assistant! When you hire an LOA, just show them the script so they know exactly what to say when taking applications over the phone.

As for the templates, these are 100% done for you and prebuilt into your system. When you’re responding to someone via text or email, you can instantly choose a template and send it – without even having to think about it!

However, if you do want to customize your templates even further, you can even add MORE text and email templates into your CRM! (This process takes maybe 1-2 minutes. We have a help article showing you exactly how to add in templates, or our Member Success Team can definitely walk you through this if you’d like.)

75+ Actual Sales Call Recordings (For your reference)

Recordings of top-producing loan officers as they build rapport with leads and take applications.

It’s one thing to watch a training video, read a script, and get coached up on all the best strategies and tactics for taking more applications and closing more sales. Those are definitely all valuable and important for improving your sales conversations but…

We wanted to take that a step further. 

That’s why we compiled over 75+ actual sales call recordings from top-producing loan officers, so you can actually listen to them build rapport, take applications, and build strong connections with their clients. 

Compiling these recordings wasn’t as simple as uploading a bunch of audio files into our training. We poured a lot of time sifting through calls, picking a variety of the best recordings, and censoring out all the confidential information that’s shared when filling out a mortgage app. 

There’s a couple reasons why we spent all this time putting these recordings together: First, listening to our proven sales strategies play out in action really solidifies all the training and makes it “real” in your head.

Second, it actually takes a TON of pressure off of you! 

When you’re listening to these sales call recordings, it often just sounds like a casual conversation. There might be an “um” or an awkward pause or a mispronounced word here and there. And those “slip-ups” make zero difference on someone’s loan production. 

Being a top producer doesn’t mean you have to be 100% perfect all the time, you don’t need superhuman sales powers or some winning personality that charms every last person you talk to. It all comes down to being able to have a genuine conversation with clients and earn their trust. 

You’ll also notice that top producers all speak differently, with various personalities, approaches, and styles. Some top producers are great at cracking jokes, others are highly logical with crunching numbers, and others aren’t super talkative but they’re great at listening and understanding their clients’ needs. 

The bottom line is you don’t have to be 100% on-point all the time in the way you speak, you don’t have to be an absolute sales god, or and you don’t have to be someone you’re not in order to close more deals. 

Oh and another thing that’s awesome about these 75+ call recordings: We have different sales calls for EVERY scenario. From first-time home buyers, talking to teachers, healthcare workers, overcoming objections, refinancing, dealing with complex financial matters, talking with prospective realtor partners, the list goes on and on. But WAIT, there’s more!

We even have sales call recordings specifically for Loan Officer Assistants! So you can have your LOA listen to recordings of actual assistants taking applications over the phone. This feature is an absolute game changer when you’re training your LOA (it’ll also make them feel way less stressed when they realize taking apps over the phone is much easier than they thought).

Why You Need Coaching To Level Up Your Mortgage Business

Give Yourself The Gift Of Ongoing Coaching, Training, And Support

Leading up to this point, you’ve worked your butt off to get to where you are today, and you’ve probably done the bulk of that work completely on your own. So kudos to you for making it this far.

So if you’re like a lot of MLOs, you may consider yourself a bit of a “loan wolf” (sorry not sorry for the awful pun). You may feel like you’re an island in this, and it’s up to you and only your to reach your goals…but the reality is that it’s absolutely crucial for you to surround yourself with people that support you and pull you up.

In fact, the most successful people in this industry will actively seek out mentorship and help when they need it, because no one has ever reached massive success completely on their own. All the world’s top entrepreneurs literally have teams of people helping them every step of the way.

So you may be doing pretty great in your business right now, but if you want to hit record-breaking numbers and MASSIVE success, it’s crucial that you have a coaching community and like-minded people to support you along that journey. 

These are some of the training and coaching resources you get when partnering with Good Vibe Squad:

Mastermind Community

Get insider tips and tricks from 1000+ of successful loan officers. Reach out to the Facebook group and ask questions whenever you need help or ideas. Get all the support you need to crush your goals in any market.

Weekly Live Trainings

Three weekly live coaching calls every week to cover everything from navigating a changing market, mastering your closes skills, maintaining a high-performance mindset, and keeping up with changing technology. These live trainings are a CAN’T miss!

Mortgage Sales Training Course

Sales mastery training videos to help you reframe your conversations with leads, make them immediately see the VALUE you provide as a loan officer, and turn rate-shoppers into happy borrowers.

Phone Scripting Guides

Proven scripts and frameworks tell you exactly WHAT to say, HOW to say it, and WHEN to say it when taking applications over the phone. Use these guides for yourself OR you can even leverage these when training your assistant!

75+ Sales Call Recordings

Listen to real-life sales calls from top producing loan officers. Hear exactly how they set themselves apart from other lenders, overcome objections, and connect with their borrowers on a personal level.

World-Class Customer Support

We have a full Member Success Team of highly-trained, awesome people.  They’re not just tech support, though. They’re also true momentum coaches who will show you the best practices for using our service, so you can maximize your results from our marketing!

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