Loan Originator Team Training

The Fastest Ways To Maximize Your Team’s Power Potential

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

It may sound cliche but it’s true. As an entrepreneur it’s so easy to fall into the trap of “I’ll do it myself.” At the moment, it may feel easier to take on the whole workload yourself instead of investing time into hiring, training, and building a team.

The first time you train someone, it is harder and more time consuming. It takes some more time to show them the ropes, but long term this time investment will always pay off.

Here at Good Vibe Squad, we’ve seen firsthand that the top producing loan officers who consistently close 8-figures in volume year after year have invested the time into growing their teams.

We strongly encourage our clients to think about growing their teams, hiring an assistant or adding more originators on, so they can keep up with production and never stop hitting new milestones.

And what’s really cool about the Good Vibe Squad service is that we have several systems in place that make scaling your team faster and more efficient than if you were growing all on your own.

It’s as simple as hiring an LOA, have them go through our training portal, log them into our automated CRM, have them work the leads that you get with Good Vibe Squad, and make sure they hop on our weekly coaching calls.

It all comes together to get them off to a powerful start, while ALSO ensuring that they never stop growing from there!

Of course, the decision to hire someone and bring them onto your team is for you to make. But the Good Vibe Squad partnership makes it so much easier to get your team members trained up and motivated to crush their prospecting and production goals.

On this page, we’ll break down the specific tools and features we have in place that you can leverage when growing your team. It’s all about scaling your business predictably and efficiently, so you can lock down exponential growth for years to come!

LOA Sales & Systems Training

Have Your New Hires Hit The Ground Running With Our Done-For-You LOA Training

As a mortgage professional who’s looking to grow your team, you probably know that training your LOA is absolutely crucial… but also very time consuming.

To speed up the training process, the Good Vibe Squad service has training and coaching in place that you easily can share with your LOA!

When you first onboard with us, you and your team get access to our “Sales Savagery + Dominance” training videos that break down all the strategies and tactics you need to know when you start using our service. 

Just like with all the other features in our service, we were highly intentional in building out this training portal. We’ve consulted with 1000+ loan officers over the years. Listened to hundreds of sales calls, pinpointing exactly what works (and what doesn’t work).

And keep in mind, this training is not just for general sales mastery. We also provide sales training that’s specific to our service, so your team can leverage our done-for-you marketing assets to your greatest advantage. 

It’s important that you and your team understand what your prospects see at every step leading up to the booked appointment; this ensures that your own messaging is consistent with our front-end marketing. 

This done-for-you LOA training takes a huge chunk of the work off your shoulders. Instead of having to set several hours aside to show them the ropes, all you have to do is log them into our training portal and let us take over from there!

What happens after my LOA goes through the training videos?

Training for us is not a “one and done” process. We’re all about constant, never ending learning and growth. That means continuing to train and coach your team down the road so you never stop hitting new milestones.


In addition to going through our training, your team members also get access to our Mastermind Community, where they can hop on our weekly coaching calls. In fact, we STRONGLY encourage you to have your team members attend these calls!

Why should my team members attend the live weekly coaching calls?

We hold multiple live coaching calls each week. These zoom calls are EXTREMELY valuable, covering everything from leveling up your sales strategies, how to get the best results out of the service, navigating changes in the market, personal branding, maintaining a high-performing mindset, and more.

Not only are these calls highly informative, they’re also extremely motivational to get your team fired up for an awesome and productive week!


When it comes time for a call, our Client Success Team will drop the zoom link in the Facebook group. All you or your team members have to do is click on the link and hop on.

But what if we get "stuck" on something, have questions and need more support?

If at any point your team has any questions or needs support, we have a full Client Success Team of dedicated (and AWESOME) people who are there to help you! Not only are they pros at all the technical aspects of using our service, they’re ALSO highly-trained momentum coaches who will actually show you and your LOA the best practices for maximizing results from our service!


If you decide to partner with us, make sure that you NEVER hesitate to reach out to our Client Success Team if you need any help whatsoever. Not to toot our own horn here, but your team will be BLOWN AWAY by the level of support we provide. Our Client Success Team is incredible at what they do, and they are extremely passionate about helping you reach massive success.

LOA Phone Scripting Guides + Message Templates

Exact scripts, frameworks, and templates to help your LOA fine-tune their sales skills, build rapport, and take more applications.

Training and coaching is a BIG DEAL for us. As part of our training, we have sales mastery videos and weekly live coaching to help your team fine-tune their prospecting skills. In addition to all those training resources, we also give your LOA the exact scripts, frameworks, and templates so they can crush their communications with clients! 

These scripts and frameworks tell your team exactly WHAT to say, HOW to say it, and WHEN to say it when taking applications over the phone. They’ll also dive into the WHY behind it all to make sure everything makes complete sense without question.

We were highly intentional in creating these scripts and phone frameworks. After working with 1000+ of mortgage pros over the years and listening to hundreds of sales calls, we noticed a lot of mistakes that certain loan officers were making that scared prospects away. 

For example, some loan officers would just go straight into the application, asking a slew of personal questions about credit score, income, and debt too early in the conversation. That’s just one example, but there are countless other mistakes that loan officers make all the time that cause them to miss out on potential deals.

When creating these scripts, we made sure to help your team avoid those common mistakes, and steer them toward the tested and proven verbiage used by top producers, along with simple questions you can ask that will help you quickly build rapport with prospects and gain their trust. 

When you hire an LOA, just show them the script so they know exactly what to say when taking applications over the phone!

As for the templates, these are 100% done for you and prebuilt into your system. When your LOA is responding to someone via text or email, they can instantly choose a template and send it – without even having to think about it!

However, if your team does want to customize your templates even further, you can even add MORE text and email templates into your CRM! (This process takes maybe 1-2 minutes. We have a help article showing you exactly how to add in templates, or our Member Success Team can definitely walk you through this if you’d like.)

LOA Sales Call Recordings

Have your LOA listen to real-life call recordings of top producers taking apps over the phone!

It’s one thing to watch a training video, read a script, and get coached up on all the best strategies and tactics for taking more applications and closing more sales. Those are definitely all valuable and important for improving your sales conversations but…

We wanted to take that a step further.

That’s why we compiled over 75+ actual sales call recordings from top-producing loan officers, so you can actually listen to them build rapport, take applications, and build strong connections with their clients.

Compiling these recordings wasn’t as simple as uploading a bunch of audio files into our training. We poured a lot of time sifting through calls, picking a variety of the best recordings, and censoring out all the confidential information that’s shared when filling out a mortgage app.

There’s a couple reasons why we spent all this time putting these recordings together: First, listening to our proven sales strategies play out in action really solidifies all the training and makes it “real” in your head

Second, it actually takes a TON of pressure off of you and your team!

When you and your LOA listen to these sales call recordings, it often just sounds like a casual conversation. There might be an “um” or an awkward pause or a mispronounced word here and there. And those “slip-ups” make zero difference on someone’s loan production.

Here’s an important mindset tip for you and your LOA to keep in mind: Being a top producer doesn’t mean you have to be 100% perfect all the time. You don’t need superhuman sales powers or some winning personality that charms every last person you talk to. It all comes down to being able to have a genuine conversation with clients and earn their trust.

Your team will also notice that top producers all speak differently, with various personalities, approaches, and styles. Some top producers are great at cracking jokes, others are highly logical with crunching numbers, and others aren’t super talkative but they’re great at listening and understanding their clients’ needs.

The bottom line is you don’t have to be 100% on-point all the time in the way you speak, you don’t have to be an absolute sales god, and you don’t have to be someone you’re not in order to close more deals.

Oh and another thing that’s awesome about these 75+ call recordings: We have different sales calls for EVERY scenario. From first-time home buyers, talking to teachers, healthcare workers, overcoming objections, refinancing, dealing with complex financial matters, talking with prospective realtor partners, the list goes on and on. But WAIT, there’s more!

In addition to the 75+ LO sales calls recordings, we also have sales call recordings specifically for Loan Officer Assistants! So you can have your LOA listen to recordings of actual assistants taking applications over the phone. This feature is an absolute game changer when you’re training your LOA (it’ll also make them feel way less stressed when they realize taking apps over the phone is much easier than they thought).

Lead Volume Control

Get the best quality leads at the highest volume, so you get plenty of business to feed your team.

As you’re growing your team, one fear you might have is not having enough mortgage leads to feed into your business. It’s definitely a reasonable fear to have – the more people you hire, the more you need to grow you production to lock down a consistent source of income for you and your team.

But when you partner with Good Vibe Squad, you do NOT have to worry about whether you’ll find enough leads to feed your team.  We take care of the mortgage lead generation 100% done for you. Our mortgage lead generation process is tested and proven to provide the best quality mortgage leads at the highest volume.

With our high-converting lead gen process already in place, it gives you peace of mind knowing you don’t have to constantly chase after new deals to feed your team. 

This system even allows you to take full control over your lead flow AND your production simply by using your ad spend. Here’s how that works: 

Think of your ad spend as a faucet: It allows you to control your lead volume just like how a faucet controls your water pressure. The more money you invest into your ad spend, the more leads will flow into your pipeline. 

Depending on the volume of leads you’re looking for, your ad spend will vary. You may want to start small. Then as you get more comfortable with the high volume of leads coming in, you may decide to put more gas in the tank and amp up your production even more! 

This ad spend also gives you more flexibility, so if you decide to grow your team and add on more originators to keep up with production, you can then raise your ad spend to keep your team busy with a steady flow of high volume leads!

For our clients who have assistants or a team that can handle the lead volume, we actually encourage them to spend as much as possible on advertising if they seriously want to amp up their production. 

It’s not a question of whether that ad spend will pay off…it’s a question of whether their team can keep up with that high volume of production. 

Done-For-You Systems & Automations Framework

Leverage Loan More CRM to help your team master their prospecting and pipeline management.

As part of the Good Vibe Squad partnership, you get your own custom-built automated CRM. 

After years of split-testing, thousands of enhancements and upgrades, we’ve created our own proprietary software called Loan More CRM.

When you first onboard with us, our Fulfillment Team custom-builds out your automated campaigns within the Loan More CRM software. Then we integrate your done-for-you marketing, ads, personalized branding and lead generation into the automated systems. 

Basically, the done-for-you marketing and automations come together so that we can deliver pre-qualified, exclusive mortgage leads straight to your pipeline.

In fact, we even get those leads to self-book appointments directly to your calendar! So you and your team will literally wake up to a calendar full of booked appointments, all with pre-qualified mortgage leads who want YOUR help buying or refinancing a home!

So what does this have to do with scaling your team?

When you partner with Good Vibe Squad, you get all the systems and automations in place that your team members can use to do all their prospecting, follow-up with your leads, easily track where each lead is at each step of the home buying journey, and manage your lead-to-client pipelines with utmost efficiency. 

Once your LOA goes through our done-for-you training portal and learns how to maximize results from our lead gen and automations, all you have to do is log them into your account and let them get to prospecting!

This is EXTREMELY valuable for you and your team, because these systems make it incredibly easy to capture every last opportunity that comes your way. No more worrying about your “speed to lead,” or wondering if you’re missing out on potential income. Good Vibe Squad gives you all the frameworks in place to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. 

How To Scale Your Team With Good Vibe Squad

Lock Down Exponential Growth And Consistent Income For Years To Come

As you continue to grow your business, we strongly encourage you to consider growing your team as well. Having more people on your team means more hands to capture every last opportunity that comes your way. No more worrying about speed to lead or getting overwhelmed trying to keep up with production.

But growing your team all on your own can be extremely difficult. It’s so much easier to scale when you have several systems already in place so your new hires can get off to a great start (and never stop growing from there). 

That’s why when you partner with Good Vibe Squad, we hand you several systems, automations, pipeline management, training, coaching, lead flow, and the support you and your team need to crush your goals in ANY market.

Here are just some of the Good Vibe Squad features that help you maximize your team’s growth:

Loan More CRM

Dozens of follow-up campaigns, streamlined pipeline management, loan volume tracking, and lead-to-client journey automations. Just log your LOA into Loan More CRM to make prospecting faster and more efficient than ever!

Lead Volume Control

Don’t worry about having enough leads. Our high-converting lead gen is designed to get you the best quality mortgage leads at the highest possible volume. Control your lead flow with your ad spend for consistent income and exponential growth.

Done-For-You Sales & Systems Training

Simply show your new hires our complete training portal, where they can watch videos on sales mastery, taking applications over the phone, maximizing results from our service, and building strong connections with borrowers!

Proven Scripts & Frameworks

Leverage our LOA-specific phone scripts and frameworks to help your new hires take more applications over the phone. Help them avoid common sales call mistakes, and learn simple (but powerful) strategies that will leave a lasting impact on your borrowers.

Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Keep your team constantly learning, growing, and motivated to crush their production goals. These weekly live calls will help your team maintain a high-performance mindset, keep up with market changes, and learn tips & tricks from top producing experts in the mortgage field. 

Mortgage Mastermind Community

Connect your team with like-minded mortgage professionals who are on a mission to transform their lives and their clients’ lives for the better. Our community members are constantly sharing their expert insights, celebrating each other’s wins, and providing endless support.

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