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John | NMLS# 933229

"I’ve been working this program for 3 months now and landed 2 contracts quite early in the process. One was a 450k FHA and the other was a 140k condo process."

Paul | NMLS#220235

"In 7 months with Good Vibe Squad, I have now more than doubled my investment. Close to triple."

Brian | NMLS# 795012

"We generated $75 Million in Business with 85% of that coming directly off of the Good Vibe Squad System"

Amanda | NMLS#351348

"I've literally doubled my production from 61 units for $14M+ to 120 units for $28M+"

SDray | NMLS#838278

"Funded 7 Loans with another 4 people searching for homes and 12 pre-approvals. Absolutely amazing! Also received 6 referrals from realtor partners!"

Jim | NMLS#27461

"Time is money. With Good Vibe Squad, I can focus my energy on other things that I need to do. Save time, save money."

Michael | NMLS#203228

"No other marketing company has come close to the level of service and training you guys provide. I love it!"

Chris | NMLS#378338

"I've already made over $200,000+ in commissions so I'm happy"

Arturo | NMLS#68170

"Our team has been impressed and happy to finally have a marketing company that works"

Lori | NMLS#69350

"Closed $3M+ loans with another 25+ pre-approved buyers currently looking for homes for another $6.2M+"

Erin | NMLS#831262

"The system works. It's already paid for itself ten fold over and over again"

Jon | NMLS#473224

"Good Vibe Squad is the real deal. We've added 15+ pre-approvals and 3 new realtor partners"

David | NMLS#1589123

"It will blow you away. This is not smoke and mirrors. This is the real deal and this is what helps you grow your business."

Mike | NMLS#980052

"We're looking at in a 60 day period, easily 9 applications and well over a million dollars in generated business. From there it just grows exponentially."

Alfredo | NMLS#488383

"Just from my 1st month alone, $1.2M in the pipeline and that alone is going to pay the entire year with Good Vibe Squad."

Ronnie | NMLS#85298

"What the Good Vibe Squad has created is a tremendous system that not only helps bring leads in but also manages them over a long period of time."

Todd | NMLS#409816

"The results are there, the follow-up is there and the partnership is there. Don't waste your time with anything else, just get involved. It works."

Jeff | NMLS#88987

"For marketing for less than 30 days, 3-4 loans are really good to have. That's what we're really so happy with."

Will | NMLS#1670194

"The difference has been night and day. I never had a problem paying for a quality system that works and delivers."

Craig | NMLS#196059

"You guys are legit. Good Vibe Squad delivers."

Manny | NMLS#1816134

"30 Days in, I've got about 6 pre-approvals with an average of 200k-250k. That's a volume of about $1.5 million."

Matt | NMLS#206791

"With Good Vibe Squad, it's just very easy. You're able to go out and still generate leads without wasting time trying to get a hold of people."

Osvaldo | NMLS#22791

"It has been a very positive experience. The system has given me more referrals. It's just a win-win situation all around."

Jessica | NMLS#853649

"The Good Vibe Squad are doing what they said they would do. I honestly feel like I got more than I thought I was even going to get. They're doing way more work than I am."

Robert | NMLS#231120

"I like the system because I can spend time originating instead of lead managing."

Richie | NMLS#1640429

"I have 4 loans in contract with 6 more pre-approvals. Strengthened a lot of realtor relationships along the way."

Crystal | NMLS#125831

"It has been a huge game changer. Our mortgage business has grown with Good Vibe Squad."

Johnny | NMLS#1204912

"In 13 months, My business has totally changed. It's a no-brainer."

Cameron | NMLS# 2065619

"This is the busiest you'll be in your life and this is the most fulfilled you'll ever be in your life."

Chris | NMLS# 337672

"I feel like I'm in total control of my production." It really has changed my posture, confidence and plans going forward."

Prentiss Holt

"It has been a huge game changer. Our mortgage business has grown with Good Vibe Squad."

Wendy | NMLS#504814

"I could not be happier. We've been having great success. The quality of the leads has been exceptional and the system is incredible."

Ben | NMLS#1028176

"Straight results. It has been absolutely spectacular. If you have the opportunity to work with them, I highly suggest you do."

Thais Marineli

"I'm very happy. I feel like I am ahead of the game"

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