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Good Vibe Squad

We have generated billions of dollars in deals for our clients directly from our system.

About Good Vibe Squad

Welcome to our family! We are the leading growth partner for mortgage loan originators! After directly working with over 700+ loan originators in our thriving community, we have helped close over $3 Billion dollars of funded loans directly from our marketing & sales system.

Good Vibe Squad is a leading mortgage marketing and e-learning company that provides a complete Done-For-You Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) service that helps mortgage loan officers and originators take over their marketing so they can focus on just originating loans and closing deals.

We have proven processes to generating qualified leads, integrating it to our Hybrid Automation system to automate your sales process while cultivating those leads to a booked appointment and eventually to an application and pre-approved buyer.

Good Vibe Squad Marketing also provides a complete step by step course on sales training, systems training, phone scripts with *actual* sales call recordings and high performance consulting in our mastermind group. If you’re truly serious in growing your business (and not just buying leads) then you’re in the right place!

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Meet The Squad!

McBilly Sy


Preston Schmidli


Timothie Sy

VP of Operations

Chayce Hastings

Chief Financial Officer

Taylor Hersom

Chief Information Security Officer

Nathanael Antonio

Executive Associate

James Resch

Enrollment Advisor

Devin Palmer

Enrollment Advisor

Sasha Santamaria

Enrollment Advisor

Jordan Fuller

Enrollment Advisor

Brianna Barnes

Director of Client Success

Stephanie Brooke

Client Success Manager

Christopher Haberman

Client Success Specialist

Sydney Davis

Client Success Specialist

Amy Vela​

Client Success Specialist

Matthew Bethea

Client Success Specialist

Nichole Hargett

Momentum Coach

Rick Dugmore

SEO Specialist

Alden Zuck

Media Buyer

Jacquelyn Sublett

Senior Copywriter

Michelle Kuuseoks

Junior Copywriter

Chase Tatoy

Automation Specialist

Tyler Whitmire


Archie Ramos

Creative Manager

Regine Guevara

Creative Designer

Gene Erebaren

Creative Video Editor

Dale Asuncion

Creative Video Editor

Patricia Hechanova

SEO Researcher

Curtney Rebullante

Layout Designer

Bryan Garcia​

Director of Production

Steve Agustin

Ad Account Mgt Manager

Janice Peñaflorida

Ad Account Specialist

Rodolfo Layes Jr.

Data Integrity Specialist

Pearlin Laurente

Data Integrity Specialist

Joshua Guarino

Data Integrity Specialist

Rexila Aizpuru

Data Integrity Specialist

JR Agustin

Fulfillment Manager

Krizza Kay Muyco

Fulfillment Specialist

Lloyd Calugcugan

Fulfillment Specialist

Lylle Germinal

Fulfillment Specialist

John Rodolf Ochea

Fulfillment Specialist

Aaron Paul Guevarra

Fulfillment Specialist

Peter Dorol

Fulfillment Specialist

Kevin Guinalon

Data Researcher

Queenie Ematong

Business Development Representative

Army Diaboco

Business Development Representative

Rio Joie Rubica

Client Success Support Specialist

Jenny Vee Treyes

Client Success Support Specialist

Ivy Mendoza

Enrollment Support Specialist

John Cabuguason

Enrollment Support Specialist

Our Core Values

Doing the right thing always

Every decision from top to bottom within the company always revolves around following this guiding principle of doing what is right. Doing right by the client. Doing right by the team. Doing right by ourselves.

A “Whatever It Takes” Mindset

We have extreme ownership is everything that we do in the company, whether it’s a big project or a small task, we always figure out a solution and hold ourselves accountable in the results.

Fearlessly Challenge the “Norm”

We solve problems free from limits and worldly constraints.

Letting Truth Guide Us

We have a culture and live by transparent and honest communication

Desire For Constant Never-Ending Growth

We are never satisfied. Always open to coaching opportunities and constantly iterating and becoming better.

We’re All About Relationships and Results

Good Vibe Squad is not just a marketing agency. We are a true growth partner for mortgage professionals like you. Over the years, we’ve built several systems in place to help you grow your production.

Our multi-million dollar ad campaigns, and our complete lead-to-client journey automations are by far the most powerful and effective marketing tools in the mortgage space. We could go on and on about how powerful our systems are but…

Right now we want to talk about something a bit more special that sets us apart: Our people.

We have multiple teams of amazing people dedicated to helping you transform your business (and your life) for the better.

From our Ad Accounts Management Team that sets up and optimizes your ad campaigns, to our Fulfillment Team that custom-builds your automated CRM, our On-Demand Marketing team that constantly enhances your marketing assets, and our Client Success Team of real-life people who have your back whenever you have questions or need support!

So yes, we are incredibly proud of all the systems we’ve built over the years. We’ve been able to leverage online marketing and technology to change lenders’ lives for the better.

But at the end of the day, we’re all human. We never could have done it without the incredible people here at Good Vibe Squad. 

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