Loan Officer Coaching

High-Performance Coaching & Support To Ensure You’re Hitting Your Growth (And Profit) Goals

As a mortgage advisor, it can often feel like you’re alone on your very own island. You are the end-all be-all for your business – all the responsibilities fall on your shoulders.

And let’s be honest, working in the mortgage world is not for the faint of heart. There will always be hurdles in your way that you will have to overcome. But the reality is that no entrepreneur has ever built a booming business without having to face plenty of challenges.

It might feel like you’re completely alone in this. After all, this is YOUR business and YOUR livelihood. But the truth is that no one has ever reached massive success completely on their own. It takes a team of people supporting you to get you where you REALLY want to go…

Good Vibe Squad gives you all the systems and tools you need to scale your mortgage business while creating more free time for what matters most. From our done-for-you marketing, to our lead-to-client journey automation, and all the other features in our service, everything is designed to be highly intentional in helping you connect with more people who need your help buying or refinancing a home.

But even given all those features, we still want to continue stacking all the odds in your favor, giving you the best chance possible to build strong relationships with your clients, stand out amongst your competitors, and close more deals than ever. That’s why support, training, coaching, and community are so important to us. That’s the partnership piece that really solidifies everything and helps you take your results to the next level. 

In addition to our service, we were highly intentional in creating an actual community of like-minded mortgage professionals. Sure, making more money is awesome, but beyond just the hard earnings and profits, we also want every loan officer who partners with us to feel motivated and excited as they’re growing their business. Because being successful takes a lot of hard work, but when you have a whole community behind you to support you, then all that hard work becomes a lot more exciting and fulfilling than if you had to do everything on your own.

Our coaching community is just one of the major differences that sets us apart. Later on in this page, we’ll dive into more detail about our community, coaching, and support. But first, let’s break down the massive WHY that guides us in everything that we do: 

Service With A Purpose

The Psychology Of “Why” That Leads To Massive Success

When helping you grow your mortgage business, our first priority is getting you actual results in terms of hard numbers and data (IE more profits in your pocket & more free time for your personal life). 

In all our research, testing, and enhancements we do, we make decisions based on results – not emotions. However, emotions and psychology play a major role in YOUR business – as well as in OUR business here at Good Vibe Squad. For example, all the hard data and numbers that go into creating a great loan package for your clients, those are guided by the very emotional goal of helping your clients get into a better living situation. 

As a mortgage advisor, you are the expert that guides families into the next big chapter of their lives. You improve your community with every loan you fund, pulling families out of complexes and into their dream homes. 

In fact, one of the #1 factors that affects a child’s quality of life is their zip code. Meaning that the neighborhood where a child grows up can have lifelong impacts such as their education, sense of community, opportunity, safety, and well-being. This means that the work YOU do on a daily basis can impact your clients’ families for generations. 

THAT is what drives us in everything that we do. Here at Good Vibe Squad, our mission to improve local communities through empowering lenders take control of their lives. By helping you to grow your mortgage business, we are also helping you make a greater positive impact on your communities. That’s the purpose that makes us stoked to get out of bed every morning. 

We’re bringing up this point because of the important psychology at play here. For both OUR business here at Good Vibe Squad, as well as in YOUR business as a mortgage advisor, there will always be challenges to overcome. It takes a lot of hard work to be successful. But when you’re driven by a strong, emotional purpose, this is what helps you consistently grow and succeed despite any ups-and-downs you may go through. 

Because making more money and getting back more free time is amazing, but even deeper than that, having a massive WHY and understanding the true impact you make, that’s the deeper purpose that keeps you motivated and focused no matter what comes your way. 

As we dive deeper into our Member Success Team, our training, coaching, and support, keep in mind that the service we provide is driven by a strong WHY of helping you grow your business AND your impact. 

Now that we’ve touched on some of the emotions and psychology behind WHY we do what we do, let’s dive into the WHAT and HOW we coach and support you in growing your mortgage business:

Member Success Team

A Full-Fledged Team Of Momentum Coaches To Support Your Growth & Success

There’s not enough time in the world to explain how awesome our Member Success Team is. But we’ll give it a shot.

You know when you have a tech issue, maybe your internet went out or you can’t get the latest update on your computer, so you call up the company, ask for customer support, answer a few automated questions to a robot, then wait on hold for hours before an exhausted call center worker finally answers and MAYBE helps you resolve your issue?

Yeah, this isn’t like that. NOT ONE BIT.

We have a full, dedicated Member Success Team of actual, real life people who are easily accessible when you need help. Not only do they provide top-notch technical support, but they also COACH you on how to get the most bang for your buck from our system!

Let’s break down exactly what that means:

How can a Member Success Team help me with my mortgage business?

We refer to the members of our Member Success Team as “momentum coaches” for a very good reason. When you talk to them, you will see that they are far more than just your average customer service representative. A customer service rep may tell you what buttons to click, but a momentum coach will actually consult with you to make sure you understand the overall strategy that leads to your growth and results. 

Here’s an example: Let’s say you want to run a reactivation campaign through our automated CRM. Just message our Member Success Team, and they’ll hop on a call to walk you through step-by-step how to reactivate your leads. But that’s not all. They will ALSO show you the BEST PRACTICES for you to maximize your results!

It’s a combination of having on-demand technical support AND highly-trained momentum coaches. Right at your fingertips!

We are honored to be working alongside these amazing people. They are rockstars at what they do, and they’re seriously emotionally invested in helping our clients win.

In fact, the Member Success Team literally has a #wins channel where they share actual wins and good news from our clients.

Here are some examples of actual wins that they’ve shared (last names were omitted for privacy reasons):

Chris closed his very first deal as a LO (ever) 4 days ago, he’s actually looking to fully pull 15-20k in commish this month. One of his leads was a Refi, but he couldn’t do it, so he gave it to a NEW partner, and that partner has already given 4 more deals to close by the end of this month

James is 30 days live and closed his first GVS lead!

John shared this on the Real Talk call in the chat. “Me and my loa Chris has been on a nice GVS run. 3 closed past 30 days, one closing Friday and another new contract disclosed yesterday. More on the way!”

Our Member Success Team works so hard because they’re driven by a massive WHY. That WHY is seeing the positive impact they’re able to make not only on your business but on your life as a whole.

Obviously, helping you to grow your business, fund more loans and make a ton of money is paramount. But what really drives us is spreading more joy, more hope and positivity. It’s what makes us excited to start work each day. It’s what sets our Member Success Team apart from some overworked call center that you’d get from most companies.

So yeah, we could go on and on about how much our Member Success Team genuinely cares about helping you win, but the truth is that you just have to see it (and feel it) for yourself.

What does the Good Vibe Squad Onboarding Process look like?

The Onboarding Specialist assigned to your account will personally guide you through all the necessary steps before you go live with our service.

To be completely open and honest, when you first start using our service, it will require focused collaboration at first.

It’s sort of like learning how to drive. If you’ve never been behind the wheel before, all the traffic laws, dashboard controls, buttons, radar, speedometer, rearview mirrors… it can all seem like too much information to take in all at once. Then after a little bit of practice (hopefully in a safe place like an empty parking lot), you get comfortable behind the wheel and are stoked to hit the open road!

Think of our Onboarding Specialist as your driving instructor. They’ll simplify all the features for you, making sure there’s gas in the tank, your calendar is synced, your account is all set up and ready to go, then they’ll guide you through all the steps, so you understand exactly what you need to do to start using the service.

Onboarding is crucial for making sure you get started on the right foot, but our training and coaching is ongoing. As questions come up down the road (which they will), just message our Member Success Team, they’ll respond or even hop on a call with you to answer your questions and help you continue to get awesome results from your service!

Another thing that really sets our Onboarding and training apart, we don’t just wait for you to hit a roadblock and message us with an issue. Our Onboarding and Member Success Team will actually preemptively reach out to you to check on your progress!

We do this because of that old cliche “you don’t know what you don’t know.” When you’re new to the service, there could be blind spots or little areas for improvement here and there that you haven’t yet noticed. We want to address these ahead of time before they become a problem.

That’s why our Member Success Team will personally check in with you several times in the weeks following your onboarding.

For example, let’s say our Member Success Team checks in with you, they take a look at your pipeline and notice you have a lot of new leads but not a lot of applications. They’ll make sure to address this with you, work together and create solutions to help you keep moving those leads along, taking more applications, getting people pre-approved and ultimately closing more deals!

Now that you know a little bit more about our onboarding & support, let’s break down some of the training we provide as part of our service!


Complete Sales & Nurture Training

Sales mastery expertise to help you close more deals and build fruitful relationships last a lifetime.

From our done-for-you marketing, to our lead-to-client journey automation, and all the other features in our service, everything is designed to be highly intentional in helping you connect with more people who need your help buying or refinancing a home.

But even given all those features, we still want to continue stacking all the odds in your favor, giving you the best chance possible to build strong relationships with your clients, stand out amongst your competitors, and close more deals than ever. That means training you on the tested and proven sales strategies that top producing loan officers use to grow their deals exponentially.

Just like with all the other features in our service, we were highly intentional in building out this sales mastery training. We’ve consulted with 1000+ of loan officers over the years. Listened to hundreds of sales calls, pinpointing exactly what works (and what doesn’t work) when interacting with borrowers.

As a mortgage professional, you probably already have strong interpersonal and sales skills. But even the best salesperson in the world can always improve and continue to master their interactions with clients.

And keep in mind, this training is not just for general sales mastery. We also provide sales training that’s specific to our service, so you can leverage our done-for-you marketing assets to your greatest advantage. It’s important that you understand what your prospects see at every step leading up to the booked appointment; this ensures that your own messaging is consistent with our front-end marketing.

So what does this training look like?

When you first onboard with us, you’ll get access to our “Sales Savagery + Dominance” training videos that break down all the strategies and tactics you need to know when you start using our service.

But training for us is not a “one and done” process. We’re all about constant, never-ending learning and growth. That means continuing to train and coach you down the road so you never stop leveling up your sales expertise.

In addition to videos, we also have exact scripts, frameworks, and guides helping you to fine-tune your phone skills.

But even better than our training videos, proven scripts and phone frameworks, we also have a thriving Mastermind Community to help you constantly grow and level up your skills as a mortgage pro…

A Mastermind Community Like No Other

Priceless Insights, Motivation, & Support From 1000+ Of Successful Loan Officers

When you partner with Good Vibe Squad, you definitely want to take advantage of our Mastermind Community, which includes our exclusive Members-only group as well as our weekly live coaching calls. Because at the end of the day, you could have the very best tool in the world. But if you don’t have the mindset and the coaching you need to use that tool to your greatest advantage, then you’re bound to miss out on some amazing results.

We don’t just want to give you the service and send you on your merry way. We want you to have all the training, coaching, and encouragement you need to prepare you for whatever the future throws your way. Because let’s be honest, you WILL have days where you feel frustrated or challenged. Doesn’t matter how successful you are, everyone has those days.

When you have questions, want to grow your skillset or your mindset, that’s when you need coaching and motivation to help you push yourself through to the next level. That’s the human piece that no amount of marketing or software can solve.


That’s why we hold multiple live coaching calls every week. Plus we have an incredible Mastermind Community of like-minded loan officers with similar values. These people are positive, growth-oriented, funny, and always helping one another and celebrating each other’s wins.

So what does this all look like?

We hold 3 coaching calls each week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. When it comes time for a call, our Member Success Team will drop the Zoom link in the Members-only group, all you have to do is click on the link and hop on! These coaching calls cover everything from leveling up your sales strategies, how to get the best results out of the service, navigating changes in the market, personal branding, training and hiring new team members, and more. Not only are these calls highly informative, they’re also extremely motivational to help you get fired up for an awesome and productive week!

In addition to our coaching calls, we have a private Mastermind Community Members-only group where people can chat, share ideas, ask questions, and get insider tips and tricks for handling any and all situations that could come up. 

Not to mention, because our clients are licensed in all different states, they leverage this and often reach out to one another as referral sources. We see this happen ALL the time: One of our clients comes across a borrower looking to move to a state that they’re not licensed in, so they reach out to the Members-only group to find a reputable loan officer who can help that borrower get into a home! 

These types of connections have very real impacts in your business and your loan volume, so if you decide to partner with Good Vibe Squad, make sure to stay active in our Mastermind Community to REALLY get some amazing results. 

Here’s an ACTUAL quote from one of our clients who’s leveraged our Mastermind Community to his advantage:

“In addition to the technology, Good Vibe Squad has a robust community. You’ve got loan officers you can reach out to. You can get different ideas from different people and figure out how to maximize your success with the program!” Chris D.

Want to see what this level of coaching and support can do for YOUR mortgage business? Click the link below to get started!

The Good Vibe Squad Difference

Get Everything You Need To Reach Massive Success – All While Having A Ton of Fun Along The Way 

Good Vibe Squad is not just a marketing or lead gen company. We are a true growth partner for mortgage professionals. Helping them to take control of their lives, grow their businesses, all while creating more free time for what matters most. 

Because while advertising, generating exclusive mortgage leads, and building systems to quickly efficiently convert those leads into funded loans is absolutely essential, having a true support system, a true partner that genuinely cares about you making a better life for yourself and your family, that’s what sets Good Vibe Squad apart from other marketing solutions out there. There’s no one else who cares about helping mortgage professionals as much as we do.

“You guys don’t just provide leads, you make a difference in people’s lives. This is the best investment I’ve ever made for my career.” Alfredo A.

Results-Driven Lead Gen

Never worry about where your next deal is coming from ever again. When you partner with Good Vibe Squad, we generate the #1 best quality mortgage leads FOR you. This gives you more time to focus on originating loans & consulting with your clients. 

Done-For-You Marketing

In addition to lead gen, we also take over all the marketing gruntwork to help you quickly build strong relationships with leads. This done-for-you marketing includes our proven sales funnels, trust-building and educational assets, and done-for-you branding to gain your clients’ trust and establish your expertise as a mortgage advisor. 

Time-Saving Automations

Taking a mortgage lead and getting them all the way to the funded loan can be a long…drawn out…process. That’s why we have 80+ automated campaigns to streamline your sales process and help you convert more leads to funded deals faster than ever!

World-Class Support

You will be blown away by the level of support that you get when partnering with Good Vibe Squad. Our Member Success Team members are SO MUCH MORE than just customer service reps. They are actual momentum coaches who are highly-trained and dedicated to helping you succeed. 

High-Performance Coaching

No matter where you’re at right now, you can always grow and improve. That’s why we provide ongoing coaching to help you constantly grow your skillset AND your mindset. With complete training videos, guides, phone scripts, and of course the weekly coaching calls to set yourself apart from average originators. 

Thriving Mastermind Community

When you partner with us, you connect with 1000+ of successful loan officers who are always sharing their ideas and expertise. Not only will you learn priceless insights from this community, you’ll also get valuable support and encouragement to help you stay motivated no matter what comes your way.

The Lendsetter Community

Join The Community Of Mortgage Pros Who Are Changing The World Around Them For The Better

Partnering with Good Vibe Squad isn’t just for the average originator. We are driven by a strong WHY that guides us in everything that we do. Our mission is simple: To improve local communities by empowering lenders take control of their lives. 

We’ve built a strong community of mortgage rockstars who are changing their lives, their clients’ lives, and their communities for the better. 

And when you partner with Good Vibe Squad, you solidify your status as a true Lendsetter. Here’s what we mean by that:

A Lendsetter is a new breed of mortgage lender who is smarter, leaner, faster and free. Who constantly seeks growth in personal and professional life through any means necessary. Who uses innovation and modern technology to create a life they desire, freeing more time to do what they love and helping as many people as possible.

Lendsetters wage guerrilla warfare against the big mortgage brands…and win.

Lendsetters make their dreams a reality and choose results over excuses. Hard work is in their blood and “Grit” is in their middle name.

Lendsetters improve their community with every loan they fund, pulling families out of complexes and into their dream homes.

Lendsetters are never shackled to real estate agents. In fact, they have the luxury of choosing the realtors that they enjoy working with.

Lendsetters create generational wealth and live on their own terms, having the luxury of spending their time on what makes them happy.

Lendsetters create value for their borrowers and put ethics before funded loans.

If you ask average loan originators, they’ll tell you that what Lendsetters are doing is impossible…yet it’s happening every single day.

Lendsetters define their own destiny and change the world around them for the better.

We believe that the best way to win BIG in the end is to first focus on helping other people win. It’s not just about growing your production and making more money. Don’t get us wrong, more profits and more success are great and all, but we’ve found that if you focus first on having a positive impact on other people, then the profits and success follow immediately after. 

At the end of the day, it’s not just about closing more deals, it’s about transforming lives for the better. When partnering with Good Vibe Squad, you get all the tools, systems, and support you need to make a massive difference in your own life and in the lives of people around you. 

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