Good Vibe Squad Lands Front Page News Of The SunStar Bacolod!

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This week Good Vibe Squad landed front page news with a full-page feature in the SunStar Bacolod, which is a highly acclaimed newspaper in the Philippines! 

The full-page feature highlights Good Vibe Squad’s partnership with the city of Bacolod for expansions locally, along with their recent outreach activity with The Kalipay Negrense Foundation in helping abused and disadvantaged kids.

McBilly Sy, one of Good Vibe Squad’s founders, is native to Bacolod. He’s a first-generation immigrant and eldest of three siblings who moved to the United States in search of a better future, so he could create more opportunity to help support his family. 

In pursuit of that opportunity, McBilly climbed up the corporate ladder, but he eventually got burnt out working 2 full-time jobs. Wanting to find a better way to really maximize his time and make a difference in this world, McBilly quit his jobs to start his own marketing company. Soon after, he met Preston Schmidli at a marketing mastermind. 

A Business Partnership Like No Other


Upon meeting, the two started sharing ideas and discussing each other’s visions for the future. With McBilly’s online marketing prowess and Preston’s sales psychology expertise, they quickly realized that they could combine forces and amplify their impact to make a massive difference in countless people’s lives. 

McBilly and Preston partnered together to form Good Vibe Squad, which is now an award-winning multi-million dollar marketing agency.

In SunStar’s full-page feature, Preston Schmidli describes what makes his and McBilly’s business partnership so unique, and how they are constantly pushing each other to be better:

“Unlike most partnerships that fail due to self-interest, McBilly and I have this constant sense of ‘Oh man, he’s outworking me. I can’t let him down.'”

Their partnership first started as a chance encounter at a marketing mastermind. But now that chance encounter has led to exponential growth and opportunity both here in the United States and in the Philippines. 

As of today, Good Vibe Squad has served over 700 mortgage professionals and helped close over 3 BILLION DOLLARS in funded loans directly from their marketing.

The agency has also grown to over 50 team members, with half of the workforce located in the U.S. and the other half located in McBilly’s hometown of Bacolod. 

Investing Back In Bacolod

In growing Good Vibe Squad’s team, McBilly has been able to give back to his native city, creating more jobs and opportunity for his fellow Bacolodnons. 
“Investing back in Bacolod is like giving back to the city and putting more highlights on Bacolod, as many people in the U.S. don’t know about Bacolod yet. I am very proud to have Bacolodnons as part of our workforce in the Philippines, who complement half of my crew in the U.S.” – McBilly Sy


Founders McBilly Sy and Preston Schmidli visiting their team members at the Good Vibe Squad offices in Bacolod City, Philippines

But beyond investing back in Bacolod and creating more opportunities for economic growth, McBilly and Preston have ALSO directed their efforts toward giving back to a charity that’s doing amazing things for children in need.

The Kalipay Negrense Foundation

The Kalipay Foundation is a non-profit organization in Bacolod that provides shelter and much-needed resources for disadvantaged children, with some of these kids being victims of trafficking and sexual abuse. 

Kalipay protects kids from dangerous situations, provides them with food and shelter, and gives them a fresh start. They even have a school to educate these kids and provide hope and opportunity for a better future.

McBilly, Preston, and some of Good Vibe Squad’s team members had the opportunity to visit Kalipay’s headquarters, meet the special people taking care of the kids, and they even got to meet some of the kids as well!

“It’s been a really humbling experience because we’re all usually so busy with our everyday lives that we don’t often get exposed to the harsh realities that other disadvantaged people experience, especially these kids.” – McBilly Sy

McBilly also hinted that he and Preston have big plans in the near future that involve teaming up with Kalipay to further expand their efforts in helping children in need:

“We have something HUGE in the works with this non-profit organization, but that’s all I can say about it right now. It’s a bucket list thing for me and I’m super excited to make such a big impact locally.”

Learn more about the amazing things Kalipay is doing every day and how you can help support these kids!

To McBilly, Preston, and every team member at Good Vibe Squad, this is one of those “full circle” moments.

McBilly started as first-generation immigrant in search for a better life, dreaming of one day being able to give back to his family and his community…

He found himself working long hours in pursuit of that opportunity, then he connected with now-business-partner Preston who shared a similar dream, and the two of them combined forces to build a thriving company that has literally helped hundreds of people to take control of their own destinies.

All that hope and hard work has culminated into real-world impacts that have made a massive, positive difference on hundreds of people’s lives, with no signs of slowing down.

After visiting the Good Vibe Squad offices in Bacolod, and meeting with the amazing people at the Kalipay Foundation, McBilly reflected on how he first started his pursuit for a better life, and where that pursuit has led him to this day:

“This is the dream right here.”

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