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A portrait of our Technical and Automations Specialist, Alden, wearing a blue button up shirt.

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Bringing the Good Vibe Squad vision to life and helping hundreds of loan originators all across the nation wouldn’t be possible without our global team of rockstars. From the marketing department, this Staff Spotlight goes to…

*drum roll please*

Alden Zuck – Technical & Automations Specialist

Staff Spotlight: Meet Alden 


Favorite Food: Sesame Chicken

Favorite Movie: Hacksaw Ridge

Alden’s tech-savvy personality has earned him the nickname of “The Wiz” among our global team. Alden is constantly working to improve our SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to make things more efficient and effective for both our team and members. Alden is a pro at balancing creative solutions with data-driven insights. 

A fun fact about Alden is that he’s a bit of an outdoorsman. On the weekends, you can find him fishing, camping, or floating down the rivers of Tennessee. 

What Sets GVS apart?

Alden has been with Good Vibe Squad since 2021 and continues to grow in his leadership skills, mentoring our junior team members and coordinating cross-functionally to ensure we’re all on the same page from marketing to sales and member support. According to Alden, this is what sets GVS apart from others in the industry:

GVS is the only company I’ve worked at that has given me the flexibility and trust to use my entrepreneurial drive on a daily basis. They understand that in order to grow and provide top-of-the-line services that consistently stay competitive and make a massive impact, they need to give their team the ability to challenge themselves and take ownership of their role. GVS stays true to its core mission, vision, and values.

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