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James T

“Quality, support, community: Good Vibe Squad literally CARES about helping people”

James Tennell  was working with a marketing company that just ended up being a huge disappointment. 

The lead quality wasn’t there, the CEOs didn’t really care, overall it just felt like a transactional relationship with not a lot of value being provided.

So when James switched over to Good Vibe Squad, the difference was night and day.

Not only is he getting the best quality mortgage leads, James also gets an overwhelming amount of support from our CEOs, our team, and our entire Good Vibe Squad community.

Let’s be real. Getting high quality mortgage leads is HUGE. But our mortgage growth process is about SO MUCH MORE than just leads.

You can’t grow your business and transform your life on just leads alone. It takes a repeatable, systematic process to help you convert those leads into funded loans. It also takes a full-fledged team and community of good people who genuinely care about helping you succeed.

That’s the Good Vibe Squad difference. 

Are you ready to see what difference that will make for YOUR business? Book your call with us BELOW to learn more!

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