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Jerry H.

“I can help more veterans thanks to this system!”

Jerry Holland  is a broker-owner and member of the National Guard; he helps veterans and military families get the guidance they need when buying a home. 

The Good Vibe Squad service helps Jerry to get in front of those veterans, look out for their best interests, and make sure they get a great deal on their home purchase.

THAT is what makes us so excited to get out of bed every morning. By helping lenders like Jerry, we’re also helping him make a positive impact on his community. 

Here at Good Vibe Squad, we believe that the lenders who close the most should be the ones who CARE the most. 

That’s why we’re so committed to getting Jerry all the tools, systems, and support he needs to stand up to the big banks and help as many families as possible.

It’s not just about making money, it’s about making a positive impact on our local communities.

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