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Mackenna V.

No more buying realtors coffee or begging for referrals!

Mackenna Valenzuela  is newer to the mortgage industry. He really wanted to invest in himself and take his business to the next level. 

So he decided to take that leap of faith and partner with Good Vibe Squad… 

And Mackenna is SO GLAD that he did! His first week with us, Mackenna already had tons of qualified borrowers booking appointments with him! 

But to be completely transparent, Mackenna hit a roadblock his second week with us. 

We noticed a drop off in his pipeline. So our team actually stepped in, coached him on how to reconnect with his borrowers and keep them moving along toward closing! 

Mackenna feels a HUGE weight off his shoulders now – he doesn’t have to worry about where his next deal is coming from. 

He now has complete CONTROL over his production (and his future!)

That’s the power of working with Good Vibe Squad.

Want to see what that power will do for YOUR business? Book your call with us today!

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