The Growth Machine

For Mortgage Professionals.

Create exponential growth and profit for years to come – all while having more free time to focus on what matters most. 

Randy S.

“This system delivers RESULTS!

Randy Shamburger first joined Good Vibe Squad because he saw how much we care about our clients.

But beyond just the level of support we provide, Randy was also BLOWN AWAY by the systems we have in place.

Our done-for-you marketing generates pre-qualified, exclusive mortgage leads and delivers them STRAIGHT to Randy’s pipeline.

Not to mention our all-inclusive automations, with 80+ follow-up campaigns in place that take care of all the time-consuming tasks and tedious follow-ups.

These systems take a massive workload off Randy’s plate so he can focus solely on money-making activities in his business like:

💯 Helping his clients

💯 Originating loans

“I get to spend time with my family now and make more money while doing it!”

Are you ready to skyrocket your profits and get MORE FREE TIME for what matters most? Book your call with us to get started!

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