The Growth Machine

For Mortgage Professionals.

Create exponential growth and profit for years to come – all while having more free time to focus on what matters most. 

Tom Rhea

NMLS# 6335

Being able to talk with potential buyers, changing the script and being able to take the buyer to an agent and asking for reciprocal business was appealing to me

Just like most loan officers and mortgage brokers, Tom tried and worked with several different mortgage marketing companies before, hoping it would be a great fit for him and his mortgage business, all while increasing his ROI exponentially.

Most turned out to be a let-down, until he finally found Good Vibe Squad.

Tom saw how Good Vibe Squad is more than just about numbers– they’re all about empowerment: keeping you laser-focused, providing optimal rates and actions tailored for success.

The real game-changer?  The system itself. It helps elevate loan officers like never before, leading to increased closed deals, massive growth in earnings, and an overall better quality of life.

Tom also shares how he got connections and great reciprocal business through the partnership! It’s more than a business transaction– it’s a genuine collaboration where success is a shared journey.

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