Good Vibe Squad™

Get Guaranteed Results With The Unfair Advantage™ System​

NMLS# 203228

“Take it from someone who was extremely skeptical, Good Vibe Squad is truly far above the rest.”

Like a lot of mortgage pros, Michael tried a TON of different strategies that fell flat. So why take the leap with us? 

With the Unfair Advantage™, Michael saw a different kind of opportunity. Not just a guaranteed tool for raking in new business, but ALSO a proven way to strengthen his referral relationships.

And from our system, Michael strengthened his referral relationships and hit over 120 units for $40 Million!

Plus the relationships he’s built WITHIN the Good Vibe Squad family help him constantly grow and improve on every level!

“It has to do with you guys caring about who your clients are and spending the time to educate them.”

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