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Alfredo | NMLS#488383​

“Just from my 1st month alone, $1.2M in the pipeline and that alone is going to pay the entire year with Good Vibe Squad.”

Amanda | NMLS#351348​

“Since joining Good Vibe Squad I’ve more than 5X my production from $14 Million to $79 Million”

Alex | NMLS#183671

“I’ve nearly DOUBLED my investment since joining Good Vibe Squad!”

Patricia | NMLS#629857

“I grew my loan volume from $6M to over $18 MILLION in my first year!”

Chris | NMLS#378338​

“I’ve already made over $200,000+ in commissions so I’m happy”

Erin | NMLS#831262​

“I’ve more than DOUBLED my business thanks to Good Vibe Squad!”

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