Instagram Marketing Strategy For Loan Originators 2023

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Video Length: 38 minutes

In this video, we break down the best ways to grow your instagram social media presence – without pouring all your time and energy into creating content.

As a mortgage loan originator, social media can be a powerful tool for generating mortgage leads. But the downside to social media is that it can be a huge drain on your time and energy. Unless, you follow what I do which follows the HIME principle (High Impact Minimum Effort).

During this full mortgage masterclass training, we break down the fastest, low-effort ways to get the highest possible returns out of your social media, specifically your Instagram account!

This is super crucial that as a mortgage loan officer, whether you work for a bank or a mortgage broker, you need to take advantage of the IG platform!

Here’s what we cover in this video:
✅ Top mistakes to avoid when getting started on social media
✅ Best practices for converting social media leads into homebuyers
✅ The instagram secrets including IG hashtag strategy for MLOs
✅ How to establish yourself as an authority in the mortgage industry

We’ve consulted with hundreds of mortgage lenders, helping them convert online mortgage leads into funded loans, and grow their production exponentially.

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