Top Social Media Strategy For LOs

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Video Length: 67 minutes

In this training, we break down the best practices for using social media in your mortgage business (without pouring all your time into creating content). This will allow you to generate mortgage leads from your personal organic social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram!

This video shows you how to build your authority, leverage authenticity, and gain your leads’ trust long before the initial appointment. And these social media and marketing strategies are proven to work for even the busiest of loan officers.

Here’s what we cover:
👉 Building your personal brand as a mortgage professional
👉 Getting the maximum returns from social media (with the minimum time and effort)
👉 How to set up your social media accounts (the right way)
👉 Using SEO to get your name to the top of the search results
👉 Low effort ways to leverage social media algorithms

We’ve worked with hundreds of mortgage loan originators helping them build their personal brand online and grow their loan volume exponentially.

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