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Here's How Our Proprietary 3 Phase AAA Formula Loan Acquisition System Works


Disruptive ads to target your ideal clients

The problem with a lot of ads? They’re not specific enough. Instead of using generic stock photos and vague messages, we create ad campaigns specific to your territory and the types of clients you love.

These ads target ideal prospects, veterans and professionals such as teachers, nurses, first responders, service members, and more! These people are employed and have the income, credit, and savings needed to buy a home so you don't need to deal with unqualified buyers.

Marketing Funnels to filter out the ones who won’t qualify

Now that we are attracting your ideal clients, we don’t want to waste your time on low-quality leads. After clicking on the ad, your leads have to go through additional filtration steps.

Leads will have to request consent and take an application survey to make sure they have what it takes to qualify for a home mortgage.


custom Homebuyer Journey system educates clients & builds trust

With the Unfair Advantage system, your ideal clients will learn a TON of helpful information about the home-buying process even before they schedule an appointment with you.

Our process guarantees that the lead will now see you as more than just a Loan Officer, you are now their trusted advisor.

Qualified Borrowers schedule appointments to your calendar

After your ideal client passes our additional filtration application process and goes through our customized Homebuyer Journey education system, we will have the leads schedule appointments directly to your calendar.

We sync your calendar to our scheduling system so leads can self book appointments with you! Now the pre-qualified leads are interested and chasing YOU, instead of you chasing them!

Automated follow-ups to guarantee Borrower engagement

Customized voicemails, texts & emails, to follow up with leads until you get them on the phone and taking apps. The goal is to get the conversation started ASAP so you can quickly build that relationship with your clients.

Complete Lead-To-Client Journey Automation

We know that converting a lead to a closed deal can be a long...drawn out...process. So we've solved the whole process for you!

From the first contact, taking the application, getting documents, pulling credit, pre-approvals, closing the deal, and more, our automated sales system streamlines the entire process to save you time and a lot of headaches!


What if they don’t pass credit?

Just plug ‘em into the “Credit Repair” funnel and the system will send the lead resources to help them build up credit! Later down the road, the system will follow up to check in, so when your client is ready to qualify, you’ll be ready too!

What if they’re not ready to pull the trigger?

Maybe they’re not looking for a home until 3, 6, or 12 months from now OR maybe they’re still saving for a down payment. No biggy! Just plug them into the funnel and the system will follow up when they’re ready! The great news? You’ve already built that relationship and trust.

What about Future Deals & refinancing down the road?

Our proprietary complete Lead-To-Client Automation System helps you fund deals, but it doesn't just stop once the deal is funded!

When enough time has passed, Good Vibe Squad's Unfair Advantage system will help you follow up with your client about refinance opportunities, so you can close more refinances with clients who already have a great relationship with you!


Build Your True Self Funding Mortgage Factory

Good Vibe Squad helps you build your mortgage factory so you can create generational wealth. This generates new loans and business for years to come!

The Unfair Advantage system doesn't just stop at getting you leads that convert into funded loans... It also:

- Organizes all lead sources into one easy-to-manage tool

- Gets you 5-star client reviews & more referrals

- Helps attract NEW Realtor Partners

- Increases the lifetime value of customers

Once your mortgage factory is up and running, you’ll never have to worry about finding new business ever again! You deserve to feel great about your future, and this is the tool that will get you there.


All this fancy-pants marketing talk is great and all, but behind every transaction is a living, breathing, human being. That’s why the Unfair Advantage comes with a community of trusted team members and top performing originators who, like you, want to make a better life for themselves and their family.

Battle Tested & Proven Billion Dollar Lead Handling Training

After helping hundreds of top performing loan officers fund over two billion dollars of loans, we have developed a proven process to get applications and pre-approvals from ideal clients.

We provide you with our proven scripts, methods and processes for systematically managing your leads so you can quickly get them on the phone, build relationships, take the application, get them pre-qualified and fund them into loans.

High Performance Coaching

Nobody’s perfect. Some loan officers need help with closing. Other LO's don’t know the best strategies on taking applications. The list goes on and on. As long as you’re open to coaching & feedback, we’ll train you on the areas you need to improve.

Live Consulting wisdom from those that came before you

We offer live coaching calls so you can easily hop on and learn how to constantly improve yourself and your business. The “Peak Performers Session”, “Systems Ninja Call” and "Originator's Real Talk" are available to our clients through live Zoom calls!

Our consulting has been forged from the successes and failures of over 300+ loan officers. At this point, we know the formula for success and we break this down to weekly live sessions to help you put more presents under the tree.

Constant On-Going World-Class Support To Guarantee Success

We don’t just hand you the Unfair Advantage and expect you to figure it out alone. We teach you how to use the service, with answers to all your questions & help with whatever the heck you need.

The Ultimate Unfair Advantage

This is NOT a one-size-fits-all marketing system. We’re in constant contact with you so we can tweak the system to best suit YOUR business and YOUR life.

The real reason you're here is to make more money, create more time and grow a long term sustainable mortgage factory.

Book your free strategy call to get your custom action plan for more leads and deals immediately! It's the most valuable 10 minutes you'll spend on your business this year.

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