11 Best Mortgage Podcasts in 2023

Best Mortgage Podcasts

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Whether you are a new loan officer or a seasoned veteran of the industry, staying on top of industry news and information is essential for business success. A successful loan officer knows that gaining client trust as an industry leader helps nurture relationships and boosts the bottom line. As the mortgage industry is ever-changing, every loan officer must engage in regular learning in order to stay on top of industry news and trends.

While attending industry seminars or working closely with an experienced mentor is a great way to learn and grow as a loan officer, mortgage podcasts are quickly becoming a valuable tool that every loan officer should use to their advantage.

Key Takeaways

  • Mortgage podcasts are a great way for loan officers to stay on top of industry news and trends.
  • There are many mortgage podcasts available that cover topics such as mortgage compliance, technology trends, and mortgage marketing.
  • Mortgage podcasts can provide valuable tools and strategies for loan officers to help them build and grow their businesses.
  • Listening to mortgage podcasts can help new loan officers better understand the industry and provide guidance similar to a mentor or coach.
  • Even seasoned loan officers can benefit from listening to mortgage podcasts to keep up-to-date on industry changes and new marketing strategies.

What is a mortgage podcast?

A podcast is an audio program consisting of multiple episodes of spoken words focusing on a particular topic or theme and is broadcast on a digital platform. In the case of a mortgage podcast, the topics covered can range from industry news to specific topics such as mortgage compliance, technology trends in the industry, mortgage marketing, and much more. They are designed to help mortgage professionals build and grow their businesses.

Our top 3 picks

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11 best mortgage podcasts for loan officers

Here we explore some of the top, free loan officer podcasts that you can listen to right now for mortgage information, educational material, and industry news.

1. Mortgage Marketing Radio

Hosted by the author of Instant Referrals for Mortgage Professionals Geoff Zimpfer, Mortgage Marketing Radio provides a weekly broadcast that delivers an in-depth look at some of the top resources and tools that can help mortgage professionals build a thriving business. With topics such as “Why Your Social Media Strategy Matters” and “Creating Passion and Purpose in Your Mortgage Business,” Zimpfer shares the information you need to take your business to the next level.

Tune in to Mortgage Marketing Radio here

2. The Loan Officer Podcast

Hosted by Duston Owen and John Coleman is an entertaining and educational podcast designed to provide insight into the mortgage industry, not only for loan officers and top producers, but for homebuyers, borrowers, real estate agents, and real estate professionals. With topics like “Find Sales Success By Solving Your Client’s Pain Points” to “How to Network Online,” this podcast offers topics that can influence all areas of your current business, as well as your personal life.

Tune in to The Loan Officer Podcast here.

3. Loan Officer Freedom

Hosted by Carl White, the founder of The Mortgage Marketing Animals loan officer coaching program, provides a top mortgage industry podcast that shares insight into topics designed to help loan officers close more deals while working less. The practical business strategies discussed in these episodes are designed for you to implement today and allow you to work smarter and not harder.

Tune in to Loan Officer Freedom here.

4. Loans On Demand

The digital world has greatly transformed the mortgage industry and the Loans On Demand podcast targets those loan officers that understand the importance of integrating technology into their business. Weekly podcasts cover technology-centered topics for mortgage professionals including everything from Facebook ads to the top CRMs in the industry and how implicating these digital tools can transform your business.

Tune in to Loans On Demand here.

5. Housing News Podcast

Hosted by Clayton Collins, the Housing News is a weekly podcast that addresses important topics in the mortgage, real estate, and fintech industries. In every podcast episode, you can look forward to a mortgage or real estate executive joining the conversation and adding a unique perspective. Topics discussed can include the intersection of the housing market and crypto to solving the housing affordability crisis.

Tune in to Housing News here.

6. Lykken on Lending

Created by mortgage professionals for mortgage professionals, Lykken on Lending is a 60-minute weekly podcast hosted by mortgage industry veteran David Lykken. In addition to the unique topic of the week, every podcast also includes segments such as the “MBA Mortgage Minute” and the “Macro Market Update” designed to keep listeners on top of current trends and industry news.

Tune in to Lykken on Lending here.

7. Million Dollar Mortgage Experience

Developed by the FundLoans mortgage lender company, the Million Dollar Mortgage Experience is a regular podcast that focuses on mortgage industry topics that drift away from the mainstream, such as self-employed borrowers and their roadblocks and the Jumbo-Super Jumbo Non-QM market. Industry leaders are brought in and interviewed each week to deliver unique insight into the industry.

Tune in to Million Dollar Mortgage here.

8. Mortgage Marketing Expert

If you struggle with the art of mortgage marketing, the Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast provides the insight you need to boost lead generation and convert more clients. Topics addressed in this podcast include everything from audience engagement to learning new and effective marketing practices. In addition, host Phil Treadwill brings in industry experts and professionals each week to provide unique insight into the mortgage marketing arena. Podcast titles include “Finding Your Niche with Dan Gandee” and “Better Leads and Valuable Partners with Chris Johnstone.”

Tune in to Mortgage Marketing Expert here.

9. Loan Officer Leadership

Hosted by Steve Kyles, the Loan Officer Leadership podcast focuses on helping loan officers and mortgage brokers build their businesses and close more loans in less time. Each episode brings a new industry professional offering strategies and tools designed to help you take your business to the next level. With most episodes under 30 minutes, you can take a quick break from your daily routine and take in some valuable strategies within a few minutes and implement them into your business and quickly see amazing results.

Tune in to Loan Officer Leadership here.

10. Next Level Loan Officers

If you are a loan officer looking to take your business to the next level, then this podcast is for you. Bringing in top industry leaders from across the country, each podcast delivers in-depth conversations and mastermind sessions designed to help you create a winning team that includes the technology that will help your business thrive. Next Level Loan Officers is led by a team of coaches that have been originating loans for decades and are still active in the industry, meaning they are bringing real-life experiences and knowledge to the table in order to help you and your mortgage business stand out in a highly competitive industry.

Tune in to Next Level Loan Officers here.

11. Mortgage Connects

The Mortgage Connects podcast addresses everything from market trends and the future of the mortgage industry to specific marketing and referral strategies. Each week brings in mortgage industry leaders to share their knowledge and experiences with the topic at hand. Hosted by Concepcion Guerrero, podcast topics range from “Spending your time wisely to maximize your social outreach” and “Growing your business through the lens of Instagram” to “How lenders can support multicultural growth and incorporate diversity in the workplace,” Mortgage Connects provides the knowledge you need to achieve your goals as a loan officer.

Tune in to Mortgage Connects here.

Our Top Pick

Mortgage Marketing Radio
Top Mortgage Podcast

Choosing a single podcast as a top pick depends on what you are hoping to gain from these podcast experiences. For example, suppose you struggle with mortgage marketing strategies. In that case, Mortgage Marketing Radio and Mortgage Marketing Experts may be the podcasts that will offer you a wealth of tools and strategies designed to help you get the most out of your marketing plan. However, if you are just looking for a podcast that helps you stay current on industry news, then Housing news may be your best choice.

If we had to choose one as a top pick, we would go with Mortgage Marketing Radio as an educational podcast that can truly make a difference to loan officers.

Benefits of listening to mortgage podcasts

For mortgage loan officers looking to grow their businesses, a mortgage podcast can be a valuable tool. The lessons and insights provided by mortgage and industry professionals shared for free through these podcasts can help new loan officers better understand the mortgage industry while often providing guidance similar to a mentor or coach. Even if you are a seasoned loan officer, listening to these podcasts can help keep you up-to-date on industry changes as well as new marketing strategies that cater better to borrowers in the digital world.

Grow in the mortgage industry with podcasts

As a loan officer or loan originator, you are always looking for ways to boost your lead generation, adjust your marketing strategies, and find a successful method to help you reach your business goals. Podcasts are a free and valuable tool that can help deliver new insight into the mortgage industry as well as introduce you to new business strategies that, when implemented, can make a world of difference to your bottom line. With just a few minutes each week, these podcasts can deliver a wealth of information from other loan officers that have been in your shoes and found a path to success. Taking advantage of this information can help you stand out above your competition.

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