How to Effectively Use Twitter: Twitter Strategy for Loan Officers

How to Effectively Use Twitter: Twitter Strategy for Loan Officers

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With around 450 million active monthly users, Twitter provides a powerful platform to promote your business and engage with your target audience. Whether you are already an active Twitter user or new to the platform, creating a successful Twitter marketing strategy can make all the difference. Here we take a closer look at Twitter as well as offer some powerful tips to help you and your business get the most out of your marketing strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • While many people think of Twitter as a site to share content and current trends, the fact is Twitter is actually a social media network where users engage with each other on a daily basis. As a business, it is important to focus on engagement.
  • When Twitter started, it was an SMS-based platform and a tweet could not exceed 140 characters. This character limit was actually imposed by mobile characters and not Twitter. In 2017, that number jumped to 280, allowing users to expand the information they share.
  • Twitter can provide businesses with valuable insight into their target audience and help drive your content.
  • Leverage Twitter’s search function to identify potential leads based on their pain points, allowing you to address their concerns and provide valuable content.

Twitter Overview

Twitter is a social networking platform that was founded in 2006. With around 450 million active monthly users and over 500 million tweets sent daily, it is one of the most popular social media platforms today. Its goal then, and now, was to create a platform with content users could quickly skim through, providing the masses with a rapid snapshot of information. It is also a platform that allows business owners to increase brand awareness, friends to connect, and people to share what is important to them. Today, Twitter plays a major role in social media marketing.

Why Twitter?

As a loan officer, you may wonder what Twitter can really do for your business and if it is worth diving into. The fact is, Twitter can be great for growing a following, expanding your target audience, and engaging with potential customers. From sharing industry news through quick tweets or blog links to creating an engaging poll on what borrowers look for in a loan officer, Twitter gives you the ability to truly engage with users and connect in many different ways.

17 Twitter tips to boost your business success

While jumping onto Twitter and posting is far from difficult, there are some tips to consider in order to get the most out of your Twitter marketing strategy. Here we take a look at some of the top tips and how they can help you increase your Twitter success.

1. Create a Twitter account and optimize your profile

Your Twitter profile is how Twitter followers will see you on Twitter, so it is important to make sure it stands out. Create a profile name, or Twitter handle, that is short and sweet, such as your business name. While the handle is not case-sensitive, you can use capitals to create a better visual effect. For example, @GoodVibeSquads lists the business name and uses capitalization to make it easier to read.

Complete your profile with relevant business information, including contact info such as your URL, phone number, and email address. Upload a profile picture and cover photo image that represent your business and yourself as a loan officer.

2. Keep the tweet short

Tweets are limited to 280 characters, so it is important that you keep your messages short and focused on one specific message. If 280 characters aren’t enough, then start the conversation in the tweet and forward it to your website for more information.

3. Add clear call-to-actions

When creating a tweet, it is important to consider what you want a reader to do when they read this tweet. Are you looking to engage and want a response? Do you want them to read a blog post on your website? Are you offering a specific service? Be sure to create a clear call to action that directs the user to this objective.

4. Engage rather than broadcast

While many businesses simply tweet out a link to their website and call it done, the fact is, Twitter is a social platform and more about engagement. If you are looking to increase your followers and brand awareness, it is important to engage with Twitter users and your target audience. Provide tweets that engage and get users thinking.

5. Draw attention with visuals

Create graphic templates that are specific to your business and use these graphics to create eye-catching tweets. For example, if you are sharing a blog post from your website, create a graphic that includes the main point or points of the blog topic and links that graphic directly to your blog post. Adding a visual component often catches more attention than simple text.

6. Use Hashtags

Trending topics on Twitter typically have accompanying trending hashtags that allow users to follow the conversations. Joining into these conversations when the topic is relevant is a great way to expand your audience and share your knowledge.

7. Engage with questions or polls

A perfect way to promote engagement on Twitter is the use of direct questions or polls. Not only do these tools help engage users, but the answers users provide can provide you with a wealth of information on your target audience and what they are looking for.

8. Respond to mentions

Don’t ignore your followers. When someone mentions you or your business with an @Yourbusiness tweet, it is important that you provide a response tweet. Twitter users are often turned off and will unfollow brands that do not respond to mentions, so a quick response is beneficial.

9. Incorporate video content into your tweets

Research shows that Twitter users, as with many social media platforms, love videos. Consider adding Twitter videos to your marketing strategy in order to better engage users. Native Twitter videos tend to drive better engagement than third-party videos, such as shared YouTube videos.

10. Pay attention to your Twitter analytics

Twitter analytics provide a window into what is working for your business and what isn’t. Use this information to drive your Twitter marketing strategy and continue to let your strategy follow the data. As user interaction and successful tweets change, adjust your marketing strategy to focus on areas that provide results.

11. Share your blog posts

Establishing a well-written blog as part of your website marketing strategy allows you to share valuable information with leads and potential clients. Sharing these blogs on Twitter helps to bring traffic to your site while also helping to establish yourself as an industry leader.

12. Take advantage of a scheduler

Regular tweeting and engagement are essential for an effective Twitter strategy; however, they can take up much of your daily time. Taking advantage of a social media schedule app, such as Hootsuite, allows you to schedule tweets in advance, allowing you to set aside time each week to create quality tweets that are sent out on a regular basis.

13. Become an industry resource

Content marketing provides a valuable resource to consumers and borrowers. Providing links to blogs or industry news can help provide valuable information to users and highlight your knowledge in the industry, helping to build trust and nurture relationships.

14. Keep your content unique

When first joining Twitter, it is very easy to simply follow the success of other businesses. However, it is important that you work to create a unique Twitter strategy that highlights the benefits of your business and how you stand out above the competition.

15. Don’t just retweet! Engage!

You just read a profound tweet or one you think your audience would appreciate. Instead of simply hitting the retweet button and calling it done, add a unique comment that connects the retweet to your audience.

16. Use Twitter search to find your audience

Twitter is great for helping you find potential leads based on pain points. By searching for pain points in the search tool, you can identify users that are speaking about those pain points. For example, doing a quick search on “credit score” reveals users looking to build their credit or with questions about a credit score. Here you can share content that addresses these issues and provides value.

17. Make the most of your characters

With the expansion to 280 characters in 2017, Twitter gave users the ability to expand their content and offer more information. Take advantage of your full character amount by using hashtags along with quality content.

Developing your Twitter strategy

Whether you are new to Twitter or have been using the social media platform for years, it should be an essential part of your digital marketing campaign Following the analytics can help show you what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to gain the best response from your marketing efforts.

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