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Working with social media can be challenging for anyone. You already have a Facebook account where you share blogs and tips and engage with potential clients. Do you really need a Twitter account too? The truth is, Twitter offers many unique advantages and having Twitter strategies for business can help loan officers gain more clients and close more deals.

Key Takeaways

  • Twitter is a unique social media platform with advantages for loan officers, including the ability to listen to your audience, engage in real-time conversations, and share content to a large reach.
  • Hashtags are essential for indexing keywords and topics to reach a larger audience, and Twitter notifications can help you stay on top of conversations and industry news.
  • You can monitor competitors, plan ahead to reach your target audience, and engage and participate in professional interactions to define yourself as a top loan officer.
  • Sharing content such as blogs, tips, and industry-specific articles can show that you keep up with the industry and provide value to your followers.
  • Twitter is also a great networking tool to meet and engage with potential business partners, clients, and helpful resources.

Why choose Twitter?

Founded on March 21, 2006, Twitter has exploded with over 319 million monthly active users, with over 500 million tweets sent out each day. 80% of Millennials have a Twitter account. And as a loan officer, these first-time homebuyers are often your target market. But Twitter isn’t just about sharing content and engaging with others. It gives you the opportunity to listen to your audience, spot current trends, and monitor for potential opportunities.

Twitter listening

Twitter can be an effective part of your social media strategy before you ever make your first tweet. Utilizing tools such as Twitter lists, hashtags, and notifications, you can get a real-time snapshot of your industry and your audience. Simply listening to Twitter gives you real-time alerts to industry changes, helps you better understand your potential audience, spot trends, and monitor for potential business opportunities.

Twitter engaging

Whether you are simply liking and sharing other posts or actively communicating with your audience through direct messaging, Twitter offers a way to actively become engaged in real-time conversations on various topics. If someone tweets a question about home loans, you have the instant opportunity to reply. While this person may not be a potential local client, being active and sharing your knowledge is a great way to get your name and brand exposure to additional followers.

Twitter sharing

When you are ready to share content, Twitter opens the door to a huge reach. By using hashtags, you can target people well beyond your current followers and engage with people from around the world. Sharing industry changes, your personal blogs, and even weekly tips, all with well-placed hashtags, allows you to significantly increase your chances of gaining credible leads and closing more deals. While this may seem overwhelming, a variety of programs, such as Buffer or Hootsuite, are available to help you schedule and automate regular tweets, as well as monitor the interactions with those tweets.

Using Twitter to your advantage

So, how do you make Twitter work for you? What are some of the best loan officer strategies when it comes to using this social media platform? Here we take a closer look at some tips to help make Twitter work for you.


Hashtags are something that Twitter uses to index keywords and topics. A hashtag always starts with “#” and includes keywords with no spaces, punctuation, or symbols. In the mortgage industry, popular hashtags to consider include #realestate, #borrowers, #mortgageindustry, #mortgage, #homebuying, and #loanofficer. Adding relevant hashtags to all your tweets allows you to become a part of a bigger conversation and reach a larger audience. In addition, using the right hashtags and engaging in these conversations allows you to gain traction on Twitter and show yourself as an industry leader.

Twitter Notifications

Twitter is an active, real-time platform with people engaging with each other constantly. When it comes to Twitter, something posted two hours ago may be considered old news, so staying on top of the conversations is important. Twitter notifications allow you to do just that by delivering notifications to your mobile device seconds after posting. These notifications can include:

  • Replies to your tweets
  • Retweets of your tweets
  • Likes
  • Now followers
  • Direct messages
  • New contacts joining Twitter
  • Recommendations
  • Industry news
  • New tweets from those you follow

Monitor competitors

With Twitter’s search option, you can see what others in the mortgage industry are talking about, including your competitors. This allows you to see what your competitors are currently doing and allows you to keep your eye on the workings within the industry and your local market.

Plan ahead

Once you learn when your target audience is most active, you can create a strategic plan that includes the best time to schedule your tweets. This helps ensure you reach your target audience and helps to build stronger relationships with those you engage with.


While most people believe the idea behind Twitter is about posting your business information and sharing success stories, the truth is it is far more than that. While those tweets can help boost your business and encourage interaction, the big benefit from Twitter in your marketing strategy is engagement and participation. It is also a great way to communicate with clients and business partners. When communicating on Twitter, it is important to have a professional image that helps attract potential customers and define yourself as a top loan officer.


So, you are on Twitter and engaging with other people and posts, but what do you share and tweet? The opportunities are endless. Some common things you can share are:

  • Blogs – Sharing your blog posts is a great way to share your knowledge and direct people to your website. Don’t forget to include industry-specific hashtags that compliment your blog content in your post.
  • Tips – The mortgage industry can seem complicated to the average person. Tweeting out regular tips or even glossary term definitions can be beneficial to your followers.
  • Articles – Industry-specific articles, such as ones that share real estate or loan trends, are another great option to include in your tweets. This shows you keep up with the industry and helps to define yourself as a top loan officer.

Create Your Network

While Twitter is a great way to find new clients, it is also a great networking tool in general. With Twitter, you can meet and engage with potential business partners, clients, helpful business resources, and more. Performing regular searches for industry-specific hashtags allows you to create lists to monitor and see who else is talking about the mortgage industry. This gives you potential new people to follow and engage with.

Twitter can help your business grow

Using these Twitter loan officer strategies can help you stay current with the industry and with your potential clients. When used correctly, Twitter can be a valuable source of information and connections, helping you to make your business more successful.

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