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As a mortgage loan officer, you are always looking for ways to market yourself and generate leads and referrals. One key tool to do this is social media. However, in order to be successful with social media marketing, you must consistently post and be engaged with your followers. Unfortunately, many mortgage loan officers don’t know where to start when it comes to social media mortgage posts. Here we offer some tips to help provide inspiration and guidance, allowing you to effectively use social media marketing to boost your business.

Key Takeaways

  • Use infographics, blog posts, testimonials, glossary terms, quotes, market statistics, comparisons, and personal accomplishments to create mortgage social media posts that appeal to your followers and build your brand.
  • Post timely updates, useful tips and tools, and relevant posts to keep your followers engaged and consistent to maintain their interest.
  • Engage with your followers by asking questions, creating polls, encouraging discussions, and posting fun and engaging content.
  • Avoid posting political or controversial posts, insulting or harmful posts, non-compliant information, and posts that make the loan process seem difficult.
  • Choose the right platform, automate your posts, track your social media results, and connect with clients and colleagues through social media to successfully market your business.

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Mortgage social media posts for loan officers

So, where do you begin when creating social media content? What is going to appeal to your followers, and how do you post something that will engage others? Here are some ideas to help get you started.

1. Infographics

Infographics allow you to break down complex loan process concepts into smaller and more understandable segments, making it easier for the average consumer to understand with a simple glance. The more vivid the colors and illustrations you use, the higher chance you have of followers pausing as they scroll to take a look.

2. Blog posts

If you create regular blog posts, sharing these posts to your social media platforms is essential. Your blog posts allow you to share your expertise and while your followers may not need the information from a particular blog post, they may know someone that does, and they are likely to share that informational content.

3. Testimonials

While most social media post options involve you sharing information, testimonials allow others to promote you. Posting testimonials from satisfied customers help to boost your brand and build trust with potential customers. If your testimonial comes from a social media follower, they may even chime in under the comments to provide more information to potential clients.

4. Mortgage glossary terms

Let’s be honest. Mortgage terms can often be confusing to the average consumer. If you are looking for regular posts to add to your social media, consider a daily or weekly definition post that explains common mortgage loan terms.


One misconception when it comes to social media is that all your posts must be mortgage loan-related. The truth is, sharing inspirational or motivational quotes included with images is often a good way to engage your followers and have them share your posts.

6. Market statistics

People like numbers and evidence they can see. Posting regular market statistics that target your area, such as how much home sales went up last month, can promote conversations and shares between your followers.

7. Comparisons

Getting your followers to engage with posts is your goal as this helps to increase likes, shares, and comments. Asking simple comparison questions, such as sharing an image of two homes for sale and asking which style they prefer, is a great way to encourage engagement and learn what your followers are really after.

8. Personal accomplishments

This is an area where you can post about your personal accomplishments, such as awards, promotions, or additional education. You can highlight customer accomplishments, such as posting a client closing. Ask your clients for approval and take a picture as they sign their new home documents. Then post the picture with the caption, “Mr. and Mrs. X just signed their first home loan documents today and are officially new homeowners! Congrats!!” This helps connect you to your customers and show potential customers what you can help them accomplish.

How to successfully post on social media platforms

Now that you have some ideas of what to post, here we offer some things to consider when posting in order to keep your followers engaged. Social media platforms can be a great source of free marketing when you use it correctly and we are here to help with these additional tips.

  • Timely updates – Sharing your knowledge of industry changes and updates in a timely manner is beneficial for followers.
  • Useful tips and tools – Blatant advertising doesn’t always spark interest from your followers but offering useful tips and tools, such as a payment calculator, is something they can appreciate.
  • Relevant posts – Not all your posts need to be about mortgage loans, but you want to keep your posts in the industry. For example, real estate topics, credit tips, etc. are great topics to post about.
  • Be consistent – In order to keep followers engaged, it is essential to post consistently. For example, we mentioned glossary term posts above. Having a regular weekly glossary post ensures you have something every week (learn more about scheduling posts below).
  • Engage your followers – The goal of a post is to engage your followers. Consider asking questions or creating a poll. Encourage discussion with your posts and, if your followers post a comment, be sure to engage in conversation with them.
  • Create fun and engaging posts – Not everything needs to be strictly business. Use your social media to get to know your followers. Ask what they are looking for. Post questions about your area. Share a weekly “Fun Facts” post with fun, interesting, and engaging information.

What NOT to do on social media platforms

While a great post can go viral and build your business, a bad post can really hurt you. Keep these tips in mind when posting.

  • Post political or controversial posts – Avoid politics and other controversial topics as these can spark emotional debate and arguments among followers.
  • Insulting or harmful posts – Steer clear of any posts that may be considered insulting or harmful to your clients or colleagues.
  • Non-compliant information – Avoid any post that shares non-compliant information.
  • Posts that make the loan process seem difficult – You know the loan process can be difficult, but it is your job to help clients navigate the process. Posting things that make the process look more difficult can push potential clients away.

Tips for successful social media marketing

These additional tips turn the focus away from what, how, where, and when you post. And also, how to monitor your results. You can have the most amazing content, but you won’t achieve the results you hope for if you don’t do it wisely.

Choose the right platform

When deciding which social media platforms to focus on, you must first decide on the prospects you are trying to target. For example, if you focus on first-time home buyers, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest may be your focus. However, if you focus on real estate investors, you may want to take a more business-oriented approach and focus on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

Automate your posts

Once you know where you want to post and have content created to post, you are left with when and how to post. We have mentioned that it is important to post on social media platforms on a regular basis, but this can take time out of your daily schedule. The good news is automation platforms offer a solution. Here you can spend an hour for a week-worth of posts, scheduling them for the perfect times throughout the week. Then, you can go about your regular workday while the automation platform does the work for you. However, keep in mind you should still set aside time each day to engage with comments from your followers.

Track your social media results

When it comes to your social media marketing, you want to be able to track what works and what doesn’t. For this, you can look at things like how many views your posted video received, how many comments posts are receiving, and how many times someone clicked through to your blog post. A helpful benefit of using an automation platform is that they often offer analytics to help you better track your results. If you see something that isn’t engaging followers, try something different.

Connect with clients and colleagues through social media

Social media is growing every day and it is here to stay. Successful loan officers understand this and know the benefits of social media marketing. With these tips, you can take control of your social media and help boost your reach with just a few hours a week.

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