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In the digitally driven world we live in today, marketing tends to focus on things like a business website or social media marketing. While these are important tools, loan officers should not turn their back on time-tested marketing tools, such as business cards. Mortgage loan officer business cards offer you various advantages that the digital age just does not. They can still be a very effective marketing tool to increase your sales and help generate leads.

Key Takeaways

  • Business cards are a time-tested and effective marketing tool for loan officers, despite the prevalence of digital marketing.
  • Business cards provide an easy and accessible way to introduce yourself and your business to potential clients, make a personal connection, and highlight your attention to detail.
  • Business etiquette and the fact that not everyone is digitally-based makes business cards still relevant in today’s world.
  • To use business cards effectively, always keep them on hand, situate them with referral partners, include them in all your correspondence, and use them in your referral system.
  • When designing business cards, consider adding color, making text clear and easy to read, choosing quality materials, and adding a photo for facial recognition. Alternatively, you can create functional business cards or use CRM software as alternatives.

Business cards as a marketing tool

A well-designed business card is a great way to introduce yourself and your business to potential clients and serve as an effective marketing tool. Business cards are an inexpensive way to provide a glimpse into what you do while giving potential clients a way to get in touch with you.

Easily accessible

Imagine meeting a potential client while waiting in line. You begin talking and learn they are looking to purchase their first home. Obviously, they will be looking for a mortgage loan officer, and this is your chance to make an impression. You reach into your wallet and pull out your business card, letting them know you can help with their home loan. Now, imagine you didn’t have a business card. You would have to find paper and pen to scribble your information or ask them to enter your information into their phone. A business card gives you an easy way to quickly provide your introduction and contact information whenever you need to.

Highlights attention to detail

Traditional business cards contain the basic contact information in a simple black and white design. Unfortunately, adding much more than that to a small card can be a challenge. However, a well-designed card with a good visual design and readability can stand out. These days, it is important to add things to your business card that make you stand out. Having the ability to do that on a small-scale card can highlight your attention to detail and professionalism.

Allows you to make a personal connection

When you hand a business card to someone you meet, you make a personal connection. You show you care enough to provide them with something tangible in order to remember you by. This is much more personal than simply asking them to enter your information into their phone or scribbling down a contact number and name.

Are business cards still relevant?

You might be asking, “In a digital world, can business cards really be relevant to me today?” The truth is the numbers speak volumes. Let’s take a closer look at some basic statistics regarding the use of loan officer business cards as a marketing tool.

  • Passing out 2000 cards provides a 2.5% increase in sales. While this may not seem like a lot, let’s look at the numbers. If your business averages $100,000 in sales a year, a 2.5% increase would mean an additional $2,500. When you consider that your business cards will likely cost under $100, your additional sales far outweigh your investment.
  • 88% of business cards handed out are thrown away. While this statistic may have you second-guessing the purchase of your business cards, let’s put this number into a different scenario. If you look at your website (and we all know the importance of an internet presence today), the average conversion rate (total web traffic divided by new contacts) is 2.35%. That means, on average, 98% of your website visitors essentially “throw your site away.” You wouldn’t consider taking down your website, despite those numbers. Clearly, adding business cards, which are typically cheaper than websites, is worth the investment.

Benefits of using business cards

You can see that using loan officer business cards can be an effective marketing tool for your business. Here we look at four main reasons why business cards are still beneficial, even in today’s modern digital world.

1. Basic business etiquette

Business etiquette dictates the use of business cards. Think about networking events, tradeshows, etc. Common practice is for professionals to share business cards when they make connections with other professionals.

2. Faster than digital options

If you or the person you meet are in a hurry, sharing contact information through your phone or other digital device is not always possible. However, it is simple to open your business card holder and give them a card.

3. Not everyone is digitally based

While this may seem difficult to understand, not everyone is a part of the digital world. In many cases, potential customers don’t even own a smartphone, which you need to consider. Potential leads may not have the ability to enter your information into their phone but would greatly appreciate an easy way to contact you. Simply offering a business card is the solution.

4. You never know when you meet a potential customer

Imagine you are out with the family for a day at the beach. You left your phone in the car because of the sand and water. But you meet a fellow parent while watching the kids make sandcastles that is currently looking at buying a new home. You can’t get their information into your phone, but you can share a business card from your wallet. Without a business card, this could have been a missed opportunity.

How to effectively use business cards

So, you see the importance of loan officer business cards, but what are the best ways to use them effectively? Here are a few ideas that can help you turn your business cards into an effective marketing tool.

  • Always keep them on hand. You never know when you will meet a prospective lead.
  • Situate them with referral partners. If you work with local realtors as referral partners, ask the realtors to offer your business cards on their desks or with correspondence.
  • Include them in all your correspondence. Every time you mail something to someone in your target market, add your business card.
  • Use them in your referral system. At a loan closing, consider giving your clients a few business cards to share with others. If you are sending a thank you to a recent client, send a couple of your business cards and ask them to share with their friends and family. Give extra cards to your realtor or financial colleagues and ask them to share within their network.

Tips on designing your business cards

With most professionals sharing business cards, how do you make yours stand out above the rest? The following tips on both content and design can help you show some creativity without compromising your professionalism and trustworthiness.

  • Color – While traditional business cards are black text on a white background, color is a way to make your cards stand out. However, when adding color, don’t go overboard as too much color can be off-putting.
  • Text – Make your text clear and easy to read. While you may be tempted to use non-traditional fonts, these can often be difficult to read. Keep the information you include on your card simple and easy to understand.
  • Card shape – While traditional business cards are rectangular, many printers now offer different shapes. While these may seem like a way to make you stand out, they are also more difficult for your recipient to place in their wallet or business cardholder.
  • Materials – Saving a few dollars on cheap cardstock for your business cards is not worth it. Always choose quality material. Most business cards are printed on high-quality matte cardstock. While you can pay extra for a glossy surface, keep in mind the matte surface is easy for you to write on and add a quick note to the person you meet.
  • Consider adding a photo – as a loan officer, you are selling a personal service. Adding your photo to your business card is a great way to provide facial recognition and help your potential leads remember you.

Alternatives to traditional business cards

Whether you are looking for additional ways to make your cards stand out or still aren’t sold on the idea of using business cards, there are some alternatives.

Functional business cards

If you are looking for a way to try and keep your business cards from landing in the trash can, consider creating functional business cards. These are cards that offer a benefit for the person you give them to. For instance, larger size cards can provide your business card information at the top and a tearaway calendar on the bottom. Another option is USB cards. This connects your cards to the digital world. The card itself is a flash drive that you can load with a quick message and information for potential clients, but then they can use it as a functional flash drive, keeping your name in front of them every time.


If you utilize good customer relationship management (CRM) software that is mobile, you can use this instead of business cards. When you meet a potential lead, simply input their information straight into your CRM. One advantage of this is you can also include notes to remind yourself about the connection you made. However, this does not give your contact your information, and they must wait to hear from you, so setting up immediate campaigns for new contacts is essential.

Business cards are a great tool in your marketing plan

As you can see, while they may seem like a tool from the past, business cards are still a very beneficial marketing tool for a mortgage loan officer.

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