Loan & Mortgage Flyers: Why Printed Materials Are Still Effective

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When you think of mortgage marketing materials and your marketing campaign, chances are your focus turns to digital marketing solutions, such as social media and email marketing campaigns. However, focusing solely on a digital platform may leave you missing out on the great potential that loan officer flyers and mortgage direct mailers can offer your business. By creating unique and memorable flyers, you can make your company stand out and ultimately increase your business revenue.

Key Takeaways

  • Printed materials, such as loan officer flyers and mortgage direct mailers, can be more effective than digital marketing solutions, with direct mail having an 8% higher response rate than email marketing campaigns.
  • Open house flyers and educational flyers are two types of mortgage flyers, and they can help generate business and educate potential clients.
  • Tips for effective mortgage marketing flyers include keeping it simple, creating strong headlines, including quality photos, adding your contact information, and including a call to action.
  • Best marketing practices include segmenting your audience, tracking your campaign, and using trackable methods such as a trackable phone number, trackable URL, or QR code.

Printed mortgage marketing materials

With everyone on their phones or computers, you may think that digital marketing, including social media and email campaigns, are where your focus should be. While these marketing efforts are effective, don’t dismiss the old-school flyers and direct mailers. The truth is, they can often be more effective. In fact, the Association of National Advertisers reports that direct mail has an 8% higher response rate than email marketing campaigns do. And when combined with a digital marketing campaign, businesses see an increase in response by over 118% when compared with direct mail marketing only.

Mortgage flyers

Marketing mortgage services and products can often be a challenge. When creating mortgage flyers, you want to educate potential clients and not bore them or come across as pushy.

With mortgage flyers, there are two main types: open house flyers and educational flyers. Here we take a closer look at each type of flyer and how they can help generate business.

Open house flyers

Open house flyers are not only a great way to market your services to clients but also an effective way to strengthen relationships with real estate referral partners. Effective open house flyers include all the information for the home listing (photos and description), your contact information, the realtor’s contact information, and a loan program comparison or rate sheet.

Educational flyers

When creating educational flyers, you want to create a flyer that potential clients will find useful when it comes to purchasing a home. Consider including information that helps people understand how mortgage lending and rates work, offer examples of mortgage loan scenarios, and explain some of the most common terms used in the mortgage industry.

Tips for effective mortgage marketing flyers

Once you decide to include mortgage marketing flyers, how do you create a successful and effective flyer that will catch the attention of potential clients? Here are some keep points to consider.

Keep it simple

While current graphic design capabilities offer a world of design opportunities, the fact is, simple is better. Too much information or images can cause the flyer to become cluttered and confusing. Include the necessary information needed in your flyer and, if they need more information, be sure to include a call to action that tells them to contact you for more information.

Create strong headlines

When creating your flyer, you must include a strong headline that piques the interest of your recipient. This also includes an equally strong sub-headline. For example, when creating an open house flyer, something like “Unique Home Just Hitting the Market. Features a large backyard perfect for entertaining.”

Include quality photos

A picture is worth a thousand words and when it comes to mortgage marketing and open house flyers, quality photos are essential. If photography is not your thing, consider hiring a photographer that can offer high-quality, professional photos that will really stand out and draw the attention of your recipients.

Don’t forget your contact information

Always, always, always. Be sure to include your contact information. You would be surprised at how many businesses create amazing marketing flyers only to realize they have left no way for people to contact their business. Include your company name and contact information (phone, address, website, and social media) on every piece of marketing you create.

Include a call to action

While including your contact information is essential, you should also provide a reason for them to use that contact information. This can be something as simple as “Call today to schedule a free mortgage evaluation.” In addition, adding a call to action that connects your digital marketing can increase your response rate. For example, ask them to visit your website for more information or to sign up for a free seminar or newsletter.

Best marketing practices

Once you create your marketing flyers, how do you use them to your advantage? How do you know that your marketing campaign is working and worth the investment?

Segment your audience

Before you distribute any marketing flyers, you want to segment your audience, so you know that you are targeting the right audience with each piece of marketing material. For example, divide your database by categories such as prospects, previous clients, and referral partners. This way you can create and send marketing flyers that are directed to the needs of these specific groups.

Track your campaign

As with any marketing campaign, you want the ability to track and see what is working and what isn’t.

Mortgage marketing flyers are no different. When creating your marketing flyers, consider adding one of these trackable methods:

  • Trackable phone number: Consider adding a business phone number that is specifically reserved for your mortgage marketing flyers. This allows you to see how many calls are coming in from this marketing option.
  • Trackable URL:  Within your website, you can create a referral URL that directs the recipient to your webpage but allows for simple tracking and allows you to see just how effective your marketing flyers are at directing traffic to your site.
  • QR codes: Given many of your recipients have smartphones, adding one to your marketing flyers is a great way to connect this marketing method with your online marketing campaigns. Make sure you create a trackable code that redirects the recipients to a lead-converting landing page.

Printed marketing materials can help boost your mortgage business

While digital marketing may be at the forefront, printed marketing material can still be a great addition to your lead generation program and help to boost your business. If you are looking for a proven lead gen and marketing system, we’ve got you covered. 

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