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Bringing the Good Vibe Squad vision to life and helping hundreds of loan originators all across the nation wouldn’t be possible without our global team of rockstars. From the advertising department, this Staff Spotlight goes to…

*drum roll please*

Steve Agustin – Ad Account Manager

Staff Spotlight: Meet Steve


Favorite Food: Salmon Sashimi 

Favorite Movie: Seven Samurai

As the Ad Account Manager of the Philippines team, Steve excels in leading and motivating the team. Steve had found a new sense of confidence as a manager that allows him to set bigger goals for himself both in and outside of his work. A fun fact about Steve is that he is a fresh sushi afficionado. 

What Sets GVS apart? 


Steve has been monumental to improving the accuracy and efficiency of data collection and analysis for our members. According to Steve, this is what sets GVS apart from others in the industry:

“What stands out to me about Good Vibe Squad is their core values. They put the team and the culture before anything else, which makes them different than any of the companies that I’ve worked for in the past. This is a team that values transparency, and every day is filled with new coaching and learning opportunities.”

Ready to Join the Squad? 

Are you an LO looking for help tackling your market and messaging to close and fund more loans? Schedule a strategy call! Are you a creative professional with a “whatever it takes” mindset who’s ready to fearlessly challenge the norm? Send us a message. Even if we don’t have openings, we’ll keep your resume on file and reach out in the future if you look like a good fit!

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