Mortgage Video Marketing Using Social Media

Mortgage Video Marketing Using Social Media

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In a world where content is king and just about everyone has some sort of social media profile, mortgage marketing has never been so important. While making regular text posts on social media can be effective, social media video marketing offers you a way to stand out above your competition. Why is video important in social media marketing, and how can it really make a difference in your marketing strategy?

Key Takeaways

  • Video marketing offers several benefits for mortgage marketing strategies, including higher conversion rates, click-through rates, website traffic, and ROI.
  • Different types of video content can be used to enhance mortgage marketing, such as introductory messages, thank you messages, meeting follow-ups, loan anniversary videos, birthday videos, holiday videos, mortgage news updates, and loan process updates.
  • Video marketing helps create a personalized connection with potential borrowers and referral partners, generating emotional connections that written text cannot achieve.
  • By incorporating videos into mortgage marketing strategies, companies can leave a stronger impression on potential borrowers and generate better relationships.
  • Mortgage marketing can be more effective when combined with social media, as videos can increase the visibility and engagement of social media posts.

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What is mortgage marketing?

Mortgage marketing is a way to educate and motivate potential borrowers to choose your mortgage services over others. Your mortgage marketing strategy can include corporate brand management, generating referral partner relationships, and maintaining an active social media presence. While the written text has always been a major component of every marketing strategy, the world of social media allows you to take your marketing to a different level. Video marketing allows you to leave a stronger impression on potential borrowers while also helping to generate an emotional connection.

Benefits of using videos in mortgage marketing

As we mentioned, the use of videos in mortgage marketing helps create a connection with potential borrowers in a way that written text cannot do. In fact, the use of video marketing, when combined with social media, offers many different benefits for your business, including:

  • Potential borrowers have a 75% greater understanding of information in videos as opposed to reading the same information
  • Videos on a landing page can increase your conversion rate by as much as 82%
  • Emails with videos generate higher click through rates
  • Video marketing can grow your revenue 49% faster than text-based marketing
  • Marketing videos can increase your website traffic by 41%
    52% of marketing specialists confirm that video marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing content

Different video marketing options

When you decide to add videos to your marketing strategy, the next step is determining what content to include in your videos and what type of videos will bring you the best results. Here we take a look at some of the video options that work best for the mortgage industry.

Introductory messages

When you meet a new lead or referral in person, you first introduce yourself and the services you offer. Video marketing allows you to introduce yourself to potential borrowers and referrals long before you meet in person. Creating a powerful introduction video allows you to connect with leads and referrals through social media and gives you the opportunity to showcase your valuable services.

Thank you for the referral message

When realtors send borrowers your way, chances are you will drop them a quick thank you email. Instead of just a simple thank you, why not create a personalized thank you video? Adding a personalized video response helps create a personalized connection and build better relationships.

Meeting follow ups

After a meeting with a potential borrower, customer, or a referral partner, it is always beneficial to send some sort of follow-up. Creating a personalized video allows you to thank them for their time and provide a recap of what was discussed during your meeting.

Loan anniversary videos

Staying in touch with previous clients is an important way to maintain a connection and a loan anniversary is a perfect opportunity to make this connection. Creating a personalized video allows you to connect with your client, thank them again for their business, and let them know that you are there for them should they ever need your services in the future.

Birthday videos

Sending out birthday emails is a great way to stay connected with leads, clients, and referral partners. While everyone loves a birthday message, a personalized birthday video delivers a much more personal touch. While singing happy birthday would be an added bonus, a cheerful birthday wish is just as perfect.

Holiday videos

The holidays are a great way to connect with leads, clients, and referral partners. Creating a festive holiday video that you can post to your social media and email to your contact list allows you to connect and helps to nurture your business relationships.

Mortgage news

Mortgage news updates videos are a great way to educate your social media followers and website visitors. Sharing regular industry news updates offers high value to both borrowers and referral partners. Summarizing industry news in easy-to-digest language makes it easier for those without industry knowledge to understand and see the impact the information can make on them.

Loan process updates

One of the most exciting things for a home mortgage borrower is learning that their loan has been approved for closing. Instead of a simple email or a phone call, a loan process update video is a personalized option that allows you to better connect with your client.

Take advantage of video marketing

Adding video marketing, whether through educational videos or direct messages to your followers, can help nurture relationships with your contacts and provide a much more personal presence on your social media platforms. At Good Vibe Squad, we understand the importance of building relationships, increasing your leads, and boosting your business, and are here to help. Our Unfair Advantage™ can help boost your lead generation and, ultimately, your business. To learn more, schedule a strategy call with us today.

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