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Best Mortgage Lead Companies in 2023

Update: This article was written in 2022 but updated for 2023* When it comes to the mortgage industry, one of the most difficult tasks a loan officer faces is consistently generating enough monthly mortgage leads

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Mortgage Acronyms You Should Know

As a loan officer in the mortgage industry, acronyms are a part of your everyday conversation with coworkers and industry professionals. While it is unlikely that your leads, clients, and even real estate partners will

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Can a Loan Officer Influence Underwriter?

Loan officers and underwriters are both essential to the mortgage industry and the home-buying process. But can a loan officer influence the underwriting process? While both roles are essential to the home buying process, an

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8 Important Mortgage KPIs and How to Track Them

The mortgage industry is consistently changing and, to remain competitive, mortgage lenders must constantly adjust their marketing strategies in order to respond to the ever-changing interest rates and remain one step ahead of their competitors.

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Must-Have Loan Officer Marketing Tools

The mortgage industry is a highly competitive market and for loan officers to stay ahead of their competition, they must have the right mortgage marketing tools in place to maximize their exposure and market themselves

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14 Loan Officer Questions to Ask Clients

As a loan officer, it is important to work on building a relationship with your clients to best walk them through the mortgage process. Learning what questions loan officers should ask first-time home buyers is

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10 Strategies for Mortgage Lead Generation

The mortgage industry is highly competitive and, to be successful, you need a focused plan for quality mortgage lead generation. However, creating a consistent pipeline of leads every month is often the most challenging aspect

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