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Career & Business

Finding Loan Officer Support: Top 10 Best Resources for LOs

Working in the mortgage industry can be especially challenging, but community and loan officer support are readily available no matter how long you’ve been in
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frustrated young businessman sitting at a desk behind a laptop with his hands up to his head

Will Loan Officers Be Automated? Exploring the Future of Lending

The headlines are filled with stories claiming ChatGPT and artificial intelligence will be replacing millions of jobs and changing life as we know it. Will
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pink piggy bank surrounded by stacks of dollar bills
Career & Business

What Are Loan Origination Points?

In any industry, speaking the lingo and understanding technical terms is necessary for communicating with clients, colleagues, and supervisors. But at the intersection of the
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Powerful Sales Words That Can Help You Close Deals

15 Powerful Sales Words That Can Help You Close Deals

Words are a powerful tool in everyday conversation and all aspects of your marketing business. The right word usage can often make or break a
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What is Compiled Data?

What is Compiled Data?

As a loan officer, you rely on a variety of data for every aspect of your business. From your marketing strategy to predicting the creditworthiness
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cheerful loan officer celebrating his success in a button up shirt and suit jacket
Career & Business

Are Loan Officers Happy? Here Are the Facts

According to CareerExplorer, loan officers rank in the bottom 5% of careers when it comes to job satisfaction, yet MPA rates the career as one
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