15 Powerful Sales Words That Can Help You Close Deals

Powerful Sales Words That Can Help You Close Deals

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Words are a powerful tool in everyday conversation and all aspects of your marketing business. The right word usage can often make or break a deal. Implementing the right power words into your conversations and marketing material can tap into prospects’ emotions and desires, helping to direct them to your services.

In this article, we will explore power words, their effectiveness, and how to implement them into your marketing strategy. Key power words that can help you close more deals include “opportunity,” “imagine,” “success,” and “we.” Simply changing the way you communicate, both verbally and in print, can make a major difference in your business’s success.

Understanding the power of words

Power words are words or phrases that have a strong emotional impact and are often used to evoke specific reactions or responses from the audience. They are persuasive and influential because they tap into people’s emotions, desires, and aspirations. Power words are commonly used in marketing, advertising, sales, and persuasive writing to capture attention, engage readers, and motivate action.

These words create a sense of urgency, appeal to people’s desires for success or improvement, and trigger emotional responses. They are designed to capture attention, build curiosity, and persuade individuals to take specific actions or make decisions.

15 sales power words for closing deals

You can choose to use many different power words in your conversation and marketing materials. Here we look at 15 power words and how they benefit the mortgage industry.


This word is considered a power word because it represents a chance for advancement, growth, or positive change. It targets people’s desire for progress, exploration, and seizing favorable circumstances. This word appeals to homebuyers and the opportunity to achieve homeownership in the mortgage industry.


Goals are powerful because they tap into people’s aspirations and motivations. Setting and achieving goals is fundamental to personal and professional development, so this word targets individuals’ desire for self-improvement and accomplishment.


Success is a highly desirable outcome that most people strive for. This word targets people’s longing for achievement, recognition, and fulfillment. It taps into their desire for achievement, pride, and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with owning a home.


Addressing individuals directly with “you” personalizes the message and creates a stronger connection. It targets people’s need for recognition, engagement, and a sense of being understood or valued. The mortgage industry emphasizes that the mortgage process is tailored to them, making it more relatable and engaging.

Decision-Making Process

This phrase targets individuals who are seeking guidance or assistance in making choices. A systematic process can help them make better decisions and tap into people’s desire for clarity, confidence, and guidance in navigating the complex mortgage process.

Thank You

Expressing gratitude through “thank you” targets people’s desire for appreciation, recognition, and positive interactions. It fosters goodwill and strengthens relationships.


This word targets people’s imagination and emotions. Encouraging them to visualize or picture a specific scenario or outcome engages their creativity, aspirations, and desire for possibilities. It encourages them to visualize their dream home and taps into their aspirations, creating an emotional connection to the idea of homeownership.


The word “we” targets the sense of unity and inclusivity. It fosters collaboration, shared responsibility, and a feeling of belonging or partnership.


This word targets people’s desire for simplicity, convenience, and efficiency. It suggests that a particular task, process, or product is effortless to use or understand.


“Believe” targets people’s emotions, aspirations, and confidence. It encourages individuals to have faith or trust in something and taps into their desire for hope, inspiration, and personal empowerment.


This word targets people’s desire for value, advantages, and positive outcomes. It highlights the specific advantages or gains that someone can obtain from a particular product, service, or action.


“If” targets people’s curiosity and imagination. It introduces a conditional statement that prompts them to consider a hypothetical situation and explore the possibilities.


This word targets people who are seeking support, assistance, or guidance. It appeals to their need for problem-solving, expertise, or relief.


“Exclusive” targets people’s desire for uniqueness, status, and privilege. It suggests that something is limited or available only to a select group, making it more desirable.


“New” targets people’s curiosity, novelty-seeking, and desire for innovation. It implies freshness, improvement, or advancement.

Changing your words to drive business

Elevate your mortgage business to new heights by harnessing the persuasive power of carefully chosen words in your marketing strategy. With compelling power words, you can captivate the attention of your target audience, creating an emotional connection that builds trust and loyalty. These impactful words drive action, urging potential customers to take the next steps in their mortgage journey. By differentiating your business and highlighting unique features with power words, you stand out from the competition.

Creating a marketing strategy that works

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