What Kind of Software Do Mortgage Loan Originators Use?

What Kind of Software Do Mortgage Loan Originators Use

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In today’s digital age, a successful loan officer can no longer rely on management tools such as spreadsheets. Loan originations software and a quality mortgage CRM are the main digital tools available that can make a major difference in the success of your business. Integrating these two software tools allows you to automate many aspects of the lending process while also allowing you to manage your customer relationships better and improve their overall lending experience.

Key Takeaways

  • The two main software systems that benefit loan officers and loan originators are loan origination software (LOS) and quality customer relationship management (CRM) software.
  • Loan origination software allows a loan officer to automate many aspects of the loan process, including pre-qualification, loan applications, and the collection of the necessary information.
  • CRMs help loan officers better manage customer relationships with borrowers through lead and customer data management, marketing campaign automation, and lead generation.
  • Integrating these software platforms allows the loan officer to manage their customer relationships better while providing a better customer lending experience.

What is loan origination software?

Loan origination systems (LOS) allow loan officers to automate many aspects of the lending process by acting as a mortgage ‘back end.’ Most LOS systems generally allow loan officers to process pre-qualifications and loan applications automatically, identify and flag missing information necessary to move the loan process forward, ensure regulation compliance, and automate many underwriting functions.

What is a mortgage CRM?

While loan origination software focuses on the loan origination process, a customer relationship management (CRM) system focuses on a loan officer’s customer relationships. A quality CRM aims to help manage customer relationships from lead to prospect while using tools to strengthen those relationships throughout the process.

Tools such as branded emails, automated marketing campaigns, and custom reminders help ensure loan officers are in regular contact with their clients in a way that helps nurture more personal connections. With a quality CRM in place, lenders can provide lead follow-up within minutes rather than hours or days. With quality analytics and reporting, a CRM allows you to evaluate your business better and see what is working and what isn’t.

Why do loan originators need mortgage software?

Implementing the right software platforms allows loan officers to simplify and streamline many of their day-to-day tasks. While a quality CRM can help with relationship management, nurturing, and lead generation, a loan origination software platform can help automate many steps within the loan application process. Here we look closer at some of the top benefits associated with each software application option.

Customer relationships

As a loan officer, consistent customer communication is key to your success. A quality CRM platform allows you to track customer relationships and interactions, helping you connect on a regular basis. With a CRM, you can set reminders, automate marketing campaigns, and promote regular engagement.

Lead generation and management

Lead generation is essential for the success of any loan officer or loan originator, and many will spend hours each day working to generate new leads. However, with the implementation of a quality CRM, you have the ability to attract quality leads that are automatically entered into your CRM. Once added, automated triggers can immediately connect with your leads and help build an immediate relationship.

Data collection

A quality CRM provides in-depth data collection that allows you to get a much clearer picture of your audience, see what marketing methods deliver results, and much more.


Both a quality CRM and a LOS offer automation ability to help boost your lead generation and customer relationships and automate many of the application-related tasks, allowing you to streamline the loan process.

Six best mortgage software for loan officers and originators

Here we take a closer look at some of the top LOS and CRM software available for loan officers and loan originators. When choosing the right software applications for your business, you want to be sure that your LOS and CRM can integrate and work together in order to achieve the best benefits.

1. Encompass (LOS)

Encompass is a trusted loan origination and servicing platform that has been servicing the mortgage industry for years. This software platform offers a built-in compliance and document management tool that allows loan originators to safely and securely manage loan documents and signatures. In addition, the Encompass TQL programs help to ensure all loan documents are free from errors and comply with all laws and regulations.

2. Calyx PointCentral (LOS)

If you are looking for a quality LOS designed to streamline all aspects of the loan process, Calyx PointCentral delivers. This user-friendly platform helps loan officers manage all loan documents in a single location and allows for online document exchanges and complete pipeline management. With mobile access, Calyx PointCentral allows loan officers to access the platform wherever they work while meeting compliance requirements.


RealINSIGHT is a LOS platform that delivers full loan document lifecycle support that begins with loan origination. This software is designed to help streamline mortgage lenders’ loan workflows, ensure compliance through every step, and help improve your overall productivity.

4. Whiteboard (CRM)

Whiteboard is an easy-to-use CRM that integrates well with most LOS systems. With a strong mobile app, loan officers have the ability to manage communications and tasks on the go. In addition, this CRM allows for SMS and email communications between team members while also providing built-in automation for marketing, lead follow-up, and paperwork.

5. Loan More (CRM)

Loan More is a mortgage industry-specific CRM designed to address the problems seen with many other CRMs available. Unlike other CRMs that offer a one-size-fits-all template for a variety of different industries, Loan More focuses solely on the mortgage industry. While automation is an integral part of a quality CRM, Loan More offers hybrid automation that allows you to automate many actions while also leaving room for the personal touches that mean more to your clients.

6. Cimmaron (CRM)

Cimmaron is a quality mortgage CRM software solution that can make a difference for small mortgage offices as well as large mortgage firms. Designed to help mortgage professionals capture more leads, boost referrals, and streamline their daily workflow, Cimmaron offers a wide range of marketing tools that include automated marketing, lead and contact management, user chats, two-way texting, and even video marketing. In addition, this CRM integrates well with most LOS systems.

Boost your business with the right software

As a loan officer, the software you choose to implement in your business can make all the difference when it comes to how you work and the success you can achieve. The right software, whether it be a CRM, an LOS, or both, allows you to manage your customers better and leads while also helping to streamline or automate every aspect of your business, allowing you more time to focus on other aspects. Finding a CRM and LOS that integrate well together is essential to get the most out of your software platforms.

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