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As a loan officer, you understand the importance of a strong realtor relationship. If they don’t know who you are or have not actively worked to create a relationship, they are unlikely to send clients your way. Building a loan officer and real estate agent relationship is essential and should be a major component of your mortgage marketing strategy. Here we offer tips for mortgage loan officer marketing to realtors.

Key Takeaways

  • Building a strong relationship with local realtors is important for loan officers to succeed in the mortgage industry.
  • Loan officers need to create a marketing strategy that stands out and nurtures the relationship with realtors.
  • Marketing strategies to build relationships with realtors include personalized emails, social media engagement, videos, co-branded marketing, co-hosting events, hosting events tailored to realtors, becoming a continuous education provider, open houses, and personal visits.
  • Building relationships with realtors can help loan officers attract and find qualified leads.

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Loan officer and real estate relationship

The goal of loan officers and real estate agents is to help homebuyers secure the new home of their dreams. As a loan officer, you need real estate agents to find properties for your buyers. Real estate agents need loan officers to help their buyers secure their listed properties. It only makes sense to work together to accomplish your mutual goals.

Marketing to realtors should be a major component of any loan officer’s marketing strategy. It is essential to nurture this relationship by providing regular beneficial services. An example of this is a joint marketing material that attracts buyers in need of financing and, at the same time, helps promote the realtors’ properties, creating a win-win situation for you both.

How loan officers can market to realtors

Because all loan officers understand the benefits of creating a relationship with local realtors, they are often bombarded by marketing efforts. To establish and build a strong relationship, you need to create a marketing strategy that stands out above the rest and constantly work to nurture it.

Here are some marketing strategies that can help you forge a real relationship without coming across as simply offering pushy sales pitches.


We all receive hundreds of emails a week, if not more, and realtors are no different. Unfortunately, many of these emails are standard canned messages that often go unread and are sent to the trash. Instead, provide personalized messages that offer information that will help them grow their business, such as information that can help educate them and can share with their clients.

Social media

One of the best ways to build a realtor relationship is social media. Social media platforms allow you to interact with realtors in a low-pressure atmosphere. For example, you can start building a connection with a new realtor by liking, commenting, and sharing their social media posts. By doing this, you are showing them that you are taking an active interest in their content and providing content for your potential buyers.

Another way social media marketing can help you build a realtor relationship is through your own posts. Share or create information that will benefit their clients as well as yours. If you have a blog, share your knowledge on your social media platforms and send the links in direct messages.

Videos and live streaming

With the growing technology world and sites such as TikTok, the world of marketing is opening up to many different opportunities, including video and live streaming. Prerecorded videos or a quick TikTok snap allow you to share information with realtors while also providing a more personal connection than you get with email or printed material.

Co-branded marketing

When you have an established relationship with a realtor, co-branded marketing is a great way for you to work together, promote each other, and share in marketing efforts. For example, creating new listing flyers or open house informational flyers containing your business information and the realtor’s information. Co-branded marketing can also include emails, social media posts, home listing sites, business websites, and much more.

Co-hosting events

Like co-branded marketing, co-hosting events, such as open houses, allow you and the realtor to work together and gain exposure to many potential clients. You can offer your services to help answer any questions interested buyers may have. This helps the realtor with the sale and delivers a new buyer to your doorstep.

Host events tailored to realtors

Hosting events, such as Lunch and Learn sessions, is a great way to offer a beneficial service to realtors while also providing a relaxing atmosphere where you can connect. Sponsoring or contributing to events, such as a local realtor conference, is also a great way to connect with potential realtors in your area.

Be a CE (Continuous Education) provider

All realtors are required to attend regular CE classes to maintain their license. One great way to connect with local realtors is to become a continuous education (CE) provider in your area. By teaching classes to an audience of real estate agents, you have the opportunity to connect and build relationships.

Open houses

Open houses are a great way to meet local realtors face-to-face and introduce yourself. This is a great opportunity to ask them questions about their typical clients and how you and your business can help them achieve homeownership. It is also a great time to schedule a one-on-one meeting with them or at least get the contact information to connect with later.

Personal visits

Sometimes there is nothing like simply stopping into your local realtor’s office and asking how you can help make their job easier and how you might be able to work together. These personal visits can help nurture your relationship. Bringing in a nice box of doughnuts for the office can’t hurt either.

Building your realtor relationship can boost your business.

Building and growing a relationship with realtors is a great way to boost your business and theirs. As you work together, you will find that qualified leads are actually hunting you down instead of having to work to gain their attention.

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