10 Best Mortgage Loan Officer Coaching Programs

Best Mortgage Loan Officer Coaching Programs

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Whether you are a new loan officer or a veteran that is struggling with lead generation, loan officer coaching programs are a great way to learn from industry leaders. These programs offer everything from coaching calls to private industry groups where you can interact and learn from peers in the industry. If you want to change your business, finding the right loan officer coaching program for you is essential. 

Through our research, we’ve determined the top 10 mortgage loan officer coaching programs available include Christine Beckwith’s 20/20 Vision for Success program, Todd Duncan’s High Trust coaching, and Good Vibe Squad’s High Performance coaching among others. 

Key Takeaways

  • Loan officer or general coaching programs can help you learn the tricks of top industry professionals.

1. Good Vibe Squad

Specializing in mortgage industry marketing and lead generation, Good Vibe Squad also offers a high-performance loan officer coaching program that not only offers access to all the tools and systems they have created for lead generation, including their done-for-you marketing and journey automation, but the team at Good Vibe Squad has also created a community of mortgage professionals that offers a unique coaching community that shares industry secrets as well as provides support and motivation in order to help you achieve success.


  • Done-for-you marketing automation solutions
  • Complete sales and nurture training
  • Access to a unique mastermind community


Contact for pricing details

2. 20/20 Vision for Success with Christine Beckwith

Christine Beckwith has a long history in the mortgage industry, not only as a top loan originator but also as an executive manager of a financial technology platform. She developed the 20/20 Vision for Success coaching program in order to help others develop strategies that will allow them to increase sales, expand their networks, and achieve their business goals.


Vision for Success Coaching currently has four coaching packages available.

  • Vision Pro Coaching: This basic coaching program provides an all-access package with access to over 300 hours of coaching curriculum, as well as access to live classrooms. As a member, you will have discounts on events and retreats.
  • Gold Sales Accelerator: The Gold Sales Accelerator package includes everything in the Vision Pro package, as well as a one-hour individual coaching session with your choice of coaches.
  • Elite Platinum Sales: The Elite Platinum Sales Package includes everything in the Gold Sales Accelerator package, but you have two hours per month of direct coaching.
  • Custom Corporate Coaching: Packages are available for small to large teams and companies and include direct access to Christine Beckwith, as well as the entire team of executive coaches.


  • A strong focus on sales from both a personal and technological standpoint
  • Ability to select your chosen coach for one-on-one coaching


Packages begin at $299.99/month with a 30-day cancellation policy. Custom Corporate Coaching programs require a 12-month commitment.

3. The CORE Training

Founded by Rick Ruby, Reeta Casey, and Todd Scrima in 2001, CORE Training has quickly become one of the most used loan originator training programs. With a main focus on accountability, CORE Training offers three levels or programs of loan officer coaching.


CORE Training programs begin with Level 1, which is a 12-month commitment and covers everything from initial contact to the psychology of business. During this program, loan officers are paired with accountability partners that guide them through the coaching program. Level 1 program includes:

  • 24/7 access to a library of over 500+ hours or video and audio content
  • One-on-one group coaching
  • Facebook group access
  • Instruction by industry-leading coaches
  • An instruction plan that focuses on lead generation, conversion, and time management

Once completed, together with loan officers meeting specific requirements like attending yearly summit events, Levels 2 and 3 offer greater access to industry leaders and coaches, as well as accountability plans and devoted member groups.


  • A strong “DO IT” mentality that focuses on accountability and getting things done
  • Community events that provide many different networking opportunities
  • A focus on lead generation, building a strong team, and wealth accumulation


The level 1 program begins at $750/month. Contact to discuss level 2&3 requirements and costs.

4. High Trust Coaching, The Duncan Group

Founded by Todd Duncan, the High Trust Coaching program brings more than three decades of mortgage industry experience to the classroom. Begin with a free coaching consultation before embarking on the three different coaching levels.


The High Trust Coaching program offers three distinct coaching levels that target your level in the mortgage industry.

  • Producer level: The producer level is designed with the established loan officer in mind and focuses on boosting productivity and reaching beyond current business plateaus. Topics include mastering the art of converting leads to loans and cultivating clients for life.
  • Master level: Master level targets loan officers looking to become team leaders and build a team of mortgage professionals and loan originators that succeed. Topics include mentoring your team to amplify growth and mastering recruitment and employee retention.
  • Elite level: The Elite program is the highest level of coaching designed directly by Todd Duncan and includes a personal board of advisors and access to exclusive Elite mastermind retreats.


  • Coaching programs designed for new loan officers as well as seasoned industry professionals
  • Ability to create custom enterprise lessons
  • Creating a strong sense of self-accountability and delivering measurable results
  • Free 30-minute free coaching consultation


Prices vary based on the chosen program

5. Performance Experts Coaching

Developed by Tim Braheem, one of the top 50 loan originators of the year from 1997 to 2004, Performance Experts Coaching offers coaching programs that focus on building a great business while also a better life.


Performance Experts Coaching offers three different program models that help you develop yourself to be the best loan officer you can be. All coaches in the program come with a background in psychology, personal development, and the mortgage industry.

  • Private Mortgage Coaching: Private mortgage coaching is a unique 12-month program that pairs a loan officer with their own Executive coach. It begins with a 90-minute session that outlines your 12-month program and creates a customized plan that focuses on the areas that will impact your business and your life.
  • Leadership 360: Leadership 360 is a unique one-year business and life coaching program designed by Tim Braheem and is only open to 12 exclusive members each year that coaches choose as top producers. The year-long program begins with a one-week retreat in Costa Rica where you work on creating a strategic business and life plan. This program offers many one-on-one executive coaching sessions, including exclusive coaching with Tim himself.
  • Referral Partner Success System: Have you struggled to build a solid partner referral foundation that delivers a steady stream of referrals? The fact is many loan officers struggle with this aspect of their business. The Referral Partner Success System is designed to change your mindset on how to cultivate the right partner relationships that will bring in the referrals you are after.


  • An immersive coaching program that focuses on transforming your business and your life
  • Created and led by one of the top-producing loan originators in the industry
  • Different packages allow you to focus on different aspects of your business.


Pricing varies based on the chosen coaching program.

6. Mortgage Marketing Animals

If you have listened to the Loan Officer Freedom podcast, you likely recognize Mortgage Marketing Animals founder Carl White. With the goal of working smarter and not harder, Mortgage Marketing Animals (MMA) offers coaching to help you find better and stronger leads, increase your income stream in less time, and achieve the life you want.


The MMA package offers full member access to all the MMA resources and training modules and includes 11 hours of group coaching every week. In addition, you have access to scripts and a private MMA Facebook group, as well as 24-hour access to your online portal and tools. If you want to take it one step further, the Freedom Club offers personalized coaching and power coaching sessions.


MMA Package is $397/month, while you must contact MMA for Freedom Club pricing.

7. Mortgage Marketing Coach with Doran Aldana

Created by Doran Aldana, Mortgage Marketing Coach is a coaching program that focuses on marketing techniques that offer measurable outcomes, allowing you to easily track your success. This program focuses on teaching you how to work smarter, not harder when it comes to mortgage marketing.


  • Strong focus on modern marketing solutions that allow you to generate leads on autopilot
  • Learn how to work smarter, not harder


Contact for packages and pricing options

8. Building Champions with Daniel Harkavy

Founded by Daniel Harkavy, Building Champions is not mortgage-industry specific but rather a business leader coaching program designed to mold high-performing leaders that leave a greater impact on their teams and their clients.


Building Champions offers a wide range of different coaching programs for individual leaders, teams, and organizations. Some possible programs include Leadership Coaching, CEO mentoring, Team Workshops, and Executive Retreats.


  • A strong focus on building and developing quality leadership skills
  • A wide variety of different coaching programs for every level of leadership


Prices vary based on your chosen program.

9. Mortgage Champions with Dale Vermillion

A leading mortgage industry consultant, Dale Vermillion and his team of industry professionals have spent over 25 years training more than one million loan originators. His Mortgage Champions program offers three distinct training opportunities that are designed specifically to address unique individual or team needs.


Three different programs make Mortgage Champions. Each program caters to unique needs and company sizes.

  • Saleslyft: Saleslyft is a sales-focused program that utilizes a systemic approach to sales for individuals and companies with under 12 agents. This program offers various techniques and strategies designed to help you boost your sales process and bring in more leads that convert. The Saleslyft program is designed to be completed in under four hours but can be accessed from any online device for 30 days after your initial purchase.
  • MC Online: The Mortgage Champions Online program is designed for larger organizations that want to discover ways to improve performance in many company areas. The program includes modules on sales training, new hire onboarding, operational performance, and customer service. The goal of this program is to improve overall team performance and workflows to increase business growth.
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise program is designed for large enterprise businesses and includes Dave’s personal consulting and experience directly.


  • Variety of different program options
  • Strong focus on sales
  • Role-based modules for different employees in the larger packages
  • Robust training manual
  • Worksheets included


Pricing varies based on the chosen program, with the Saleslyft program beginning at $499 per person. Mortgage Champions Online begins at $1,249 per learner. Contact for Enterprise pricing.


While not mortgage-industry specific, AMPLIFII founder Rene Rodriguez is a world-class sales expert that has worked with leadership teams from major corporations like Bank of America and Microsoft. The AMPLIFII coaching program is designed to help you become a more powerful and effective communicator, influencer, and business leader.


  • Learn how to communicate more effectively
  • Unleash the power of your most authentic self.
  • A 1.5-day program
  • A 3-step approach to influencing behavior
  • It also offers the AMPLIFII Academy, which delivers tools and strategies designed to create lasting business success.


Contact for pricing information

Advancing your success with loan officer coaching

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, loan officer coaching or general business coaching can help you work smarter and not harder. By exploring these coaching programs, you can find the one that best fits your needs and helps you achieve your business goals.

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