LS EP 1: The Standards for Mortgage Business Success with Mary Jane Juip

Mary Jane Juip of MFS Lending, a savvy mortgage loan originator for 22 years, shares her expertise on the topic and provides practical tips for incorporating genuine connections to scale a mortgage business.

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Episode 1 Mary Jane Juip

Create exponential growth and profit for years to come – all while having more free time to focus on what matters most. 

In This Episode

We chat with Mary Jane Juip, expert mortgage loan originator, and dive into ways mortgage loan originators can navigate around conversations to build a trusted partnership with their clients, on dedication and the right mindset for sales and growth, and knowing priorities to effectively structure the day for a consistent flow toward success.

One of the crucial aspects Mary Jane emphasizes is the art of outbound interaction with mortgage prospects. She reveals effective patterns and behaviors that can help you truly understand your prospects’ needs and goals. Through meticulous goal-setting, effective time management, and impeccable client communication, she has built a thriving mortgage business.

Discover Stories and Strategies in this Episode:

  • Mary Jane’s journey so far in the mortgage industry
  • How May Jane got her impressive loan application figures within 90 days
  • Standard behaviors to establish a level of success in the mortgage business
  • Effective sales conversations and the right mindset for success
  • Mary Jane’s proven patterns and behaviors around outbound interaction for clients
  • Know all about the quantitative and qualitative sides to prospecting
  • Why taking apps on the phone for rapport building works
  • The importance of structuring your day and knowing your priorities
  • On controlling the sales environment
  • Her advice to fellow mortgage loan originators
  • Recommended resources for mortgage professionals 

Resources Mentioned:

Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon M. Bowles –

The Guest

Mary Jane Juip of MFS Lending

Mary Jane Juip, expert mortgage loan originator and Senior Mortgage Loan Officer at MFS Lending, shares her expertise on the topic and provides practical tips for incorporating genuine connections to scale a mortgage business.



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