LS EP 10: Transform Your Marketing and Business Mindset with Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy is a globally respected marketing advisor, prolific author, sought-after speaker and coach to entrepreneurs and business owners, and the esteemed founder of Magnetic Marketing®. With an astounding reach, Dan has taught his Magnetic Marketing System to millions of individuals worldwide and directly influence more than one million business owners annually through his strategic advising, consulting, and coaching.

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Episode 10 Dan Kennedy

Create exponential growth and profit for years to come – all while having more free time to focus on what matters most. 

In This Episode

We are joined by one of the most revered thought leaders in the marketing and business industry, Dan Kennedy, as he shares with us his profound insights to challenge the status quo, recognize mistakes made by many in sales and marketing, and understand the value and priority system of prospects.

Drawing from history, Dan reminds us that there is no set of circumstances that haven’t already occurred, and no challenge that someone hasn’t overcome to thrive and prosper. Our discussion further touches upon the importance of getting the industry fundamentals right and modeling successful individuals to find solutions. Dan also addresses how clients seek value over price when their needs align with your expertise, why we need to have the mindset of unlimited abundance over scarcity, and why following systems over randomness is a must-have common sense for every specialist in any field.

For mortgage professionals, Dan’s advice is clear: learn the proven strategies and techniques to enhance your effectiveness and achieve success in the mortgage industry. Find out how businesses can de-commoditize themselves in a generally commoditized market, understand the value of perceived specialization and the corresponding sacrifices required for success, and be the provider who fixes what people hate, leveraging affinity in the right way to create powerful connections with customers.

Discover Stories and Strategies in this Episode:

  • Don’t impose: discover your prospect’s value and priority system
  • History proves prosperity amid challenges
  • Recession insights and the ignorance of industry fundamentals
  • Why reinvent the wheel when you can model success 
  • Empower your business with authority through marketing
  • De-commoditize in a crowded market: be a problem-solver.
  • Finding profit beyond deliverables 
  • People only seek value on their needs and wants
  • When you sell expertise, you value expertise
  • Mindsets: abundance vs. scarcity
  • Embracing the “can-do” attitude
  • Mortgage pros thrive with systems, not randomness

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The Guest

Dan Kennedy is the Founder of Magnetic Marketing® and the world-renowned marketing advisor to entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide. With millions of people benefiting from his Magnetic Marketing System, Kennedy’s influence spans far and wide. He has delivered thousands of paid speeches, authored dozens of books, and shared the stage with prominent icons such as President Ronald Reagan, Gen. Colin Powell, Johnny Cash, and more. As a strategic advisor, consultant, and business coach, Dan Kennedy directly impacts the success of millions of business owners annually. His insights have been featured in hundreds of esteemed publications like Forbes, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and Entrepreneur. 




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Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy

The millionaire-maker, founder of Magnetic Marketing®, and a revered business and marketing legend worldwide

Barry Habib

Barry Habib

Bestselling author, award-winning mortgage icon, and founder and CEO of MBS Highway

Hammer Helmer

Hammer Helmer

Mortgage industry veteran, topnotch digital marketing expert and entrepreneur, and Founder of OriginatorSuccess

Mary Jane Juip

Mary Jane Juip

Expert mortgage loan originator and Senior Mortgage Loan Officer at MFS Lending

Jason Frazier

Jason Frazier

Award winning mortgage marketer, sought-after national speaker, and EVP of Growth at Rebel iQ

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