LS EP 12: People Over Profit: Prioritizing Purpose in Business with Dr. Natty Bandasak

Dr. Natty Bandasak, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Myokinetix Physical Therapy and Performance, is a dynamic force in the realm of physical therapy. With years of experience in treating athletes with ACL injuries, Dr. Bandasak’s passion for guiding patients through the rigorous journey of recovery has culminated in a profound understanding of the physical and mental fortitude required for success. Driven by a commitment to prioritize patients’ needs over profit, he embarked on a transformative path to founding his own clinic. Here, each individual receives personalized attention, fueled by the ethos of “People over Profit.”

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Episode 12 Dr. Natty Bandasak

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In This Episode

We sat down with highly-successful visionary, author, and CEO, Dr. Natty Bandasak, as he shares his transformative journey to establishing a thriving Physical Therapy (PT) business. We talk about life experiences, mortgage and medical business parallels, and pivotal shifts and lessons as an entrepreneur: from learning the art of delegation to acknowledging the necessity of continuous sales improvement.

Dr. Natty emphasizes delivering the highest quality care clients truly need, unveiling the essence of being a service provider and how an entrepreneur’s perspective on the end result can reshape the way they approach their business and offer their services. He talks about thriving at the crossroads between taking ownership and retracting responsibilities as a business owner, learning from failure and identifying emerging trends from it, and understanding the significance of assembling the right team with the same vision and creating an environment conducive to success not just for your business, but most importantly for your clients.

Drawing from insights from attending Dan Kennedy’s mastermind, Dr. Natty points out how business isn’t solely about deliverables—it’s about curating experiences that resonate with your clients’ needs. We also discuss how sharing your story builds rapport and creates impactful connections, the importance of exceeding clients’ service expectations and using it as a basis for further improvement, and seeing the value in the unconverted lead, making sure they’re getting the right service until they’re ready to be your client.

Discover Stories and Strategies in this Episode:

  • Prioritizing People Over Profit
  • The Power of Entrepreneurial Vision
  • Empathy, Expertise, and Excellence
  • The transformative power of learning from results, not excuses
  • An entrepreneur’s perspective on service delivery
  • Ownership, Failure, and Trendspotting
  • Shifting from Independence to Effective Management
  • Mastering Client Experience and Storytelling
  • Give yourself the permission to fail—but learn from it
  • Dan Kennedy’s Mastermind
  • Connect with your clients even after the deal ends
  • Nurturing your lead until they’re ready

Resources Mentioned:

The Ultimate Sales Machine: Turbocharge Your Business with Relentless Focus on 12 Key Strategies by Chet Holmes –

The Guest

Dr. Bandasak’s mission extends beyond his clinic, aiming to empower athletes, parents, and coaches with evidence-based insights on ACL injuries through comprehensive resources. With a wealth of experience and knowledge in the medical field, not only is he a compassionate Physical Therapist but also a force to be reckoned with in the business industry.






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